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Google Docs: A Helpful Tool for Writers Who Want to Collaborate

I wanted to share this post by Mary Larmoyeux from the WordServe Water Cooler with our StoryWriting Studio friends. Hope you enjoy it! Karen

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Years ago Ethan Pope and I wrote a book together called There’s No Place Like Home (Broadman & Holman). Thanks to email, the phone, and a fax machine, we were able to communicate pretty well back them. But not nearly as well as Karen Jordan and I recently did as we worked together on a book proposal. Our collaboration was so much easier because of Google Docs!

What is Google Docs? It’s a free online word processor available to anyone who has a gmail account (which you can get for free). Like most word processing programs, it makes it possible for you to change the appearance of a document: the size of the text, spacing of lines, paragraph styles, headings, etc.

It also allows you to write, edit, and collaborate with others at the same time. And you can upload a Word document and then convert it to a Google document…

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Karen Jordan

Building a Platform? Helpful Resources

"If you want to be a nonfiction author, you’ve GOT to work on building your platform?” I perked up when I heard the word "platform" mentioned for the umpteenth time at my first writing conference. Building my what? I didn't expect this advice at a "Christian" writing conference. In fact, I didn’t even know what… Continue reading Building a Platform? Helpful Resources

Karen Jordan

Questions for Reflection

"... time to take chances, make mistakes, get messy!" (Magic School Bus) Do you tend to focus most on your grammar and mechanics when you self-edit? I do. Today, I want to offer you some questions and ideas that will get you out of the "grammar cop" mode and into a more reflective mood. Writing instructor.… Continue reading Questions for Reflection

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The Gift Writers Give the World

I'm reading several books as research for my current work in progress, Getting Through What You Can't Get Over. And as I review my own stories of surviving great adversity, as well as those of others, I see a pattern evolving. And it's not new. According to historical documents, this pattern has existed for millennia, stemming back… Continue reading The Gift Writers Give the World

Karen Jordan

Writing Life: 5 Tips for Endurance

Since we all face setbacks in our writing life on occasion, I hope this post from the WordServe Water Cooler encourages you. Enjoy!How do you endure setbacks in your writing life? If you’ve embraced writing for publication, you’ve probably faced discouraging obstacles in your journey. I’ve also faced a few stumbling blocks in other areas of my… Continue reading Writing Life: 5 Tips for Endurance

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Scene, Summary, and Musing in Memoir Writing

The memoirist need not necessarily know what she thinks about her subject but she must be trying to find out; she may never arrive at a definitive verdict, but she must be willing to share her intellectual and emotional quest for answers. (Judith Barrington) I’m in the middle of writing a memoir with my daughter… Continue reading Scene, Summary, and Musing in Memoir Writing

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Writer’s Block? Try Freewriting

Are you stuck in your writing project? Begging for some help? Have you considered freewriting--just forgetting about grammar and mechanics for awhile, and "just write"! What is freewriting? For me, I just put the pen or pencil to the paper (or fingers to the keyboard) and write. I usually don't even know what I'm going to write… Continue reading Writer’s Block? Try Freewriting

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HALT! And Rise Above Your Biggest Writing Challenges

This is a guest post by Kristen Clark, a speaker and writer, and contributing editor for the online His Witness Ministries and New Beginnings Marriage Ministry. Her articles have appeared in numerous journals and magazines, while her inspirational stories have been published by Chicken Soup for the Soul. She lives in Texas with her husband, Lawrence. I love keeping busy… Continue reading HALT! And Rise Above Your Biggest Writing Challenges

Karen Jordan

Writing Life: Taking Time Out

When you have a flat tire, you must stop long enough to change it. (Dan Jordan) When life sends us a “flat tire,” it forces us to take the time to stop and deal with it. If we don’t, it might destroy the tire and the rim. Then, we will have an even bigger problem.… Continue reading Writing Life: Taking Time Out

Lyndie Blevins

Lyndie Blevins: How I Reached 1000+ Twitter Followers

This week my Twitter followers top the 1,000 mark. I’m pumped! In Twitter world, this is a drop in the bucket, but in my world, ‘oh my.’  I still learning, but here is how I got this far. To grow your follower base you need to be intentional in your twitter life, both in ‘tweeting’ and gaining… Continue reading Lyndie Blevins: How I Reached 1000+ Twitter Followers