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Writing the Cards and Letters That Matter Most

What cards and letters have you held on to over the years? As I looked through my memory box of correspondence, I discovered several categories. Old Christmas cards Valentine cards from my husband and children Letters to my mother, when I first moved away from my hometown Birthday cards from my husband and children Thank-you… Continue reading Writing the Cards and Letters That Matter Most

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Remember the First Moonwalk: One Small Step for Man

One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind. (Neil Armstrong) On July 20, 1969, the lunar module Eagle landed on the moon. Six hours later, Commander Neil Armstrong stepped onto its surface. Do you remember that day ... that "moment"? I do. My dad and I walked outside our home on that very… Continue reading Remember the First Moonwalk: One Small Step for Man

Karen Jordan

Four Tips To Improve Your Listening Skills

 “Are you listening to me?”  Has anyone ever asked you that question? Or maybe that thought pierced your heart and mind, as you felt the sting of someone else ignoring or rejecting you? Consider these four ways to improve your listening skills. Resolve to be quick to listen. Many times, people who come to us… Continue reading Four Tips To Improve Your Listening Skills

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Writing Through the Storm

The lessons we learn during our storms can change our perspective on life. I hope you enjoy this post from the WordServe Water Cooler, “Writing Through the Storm” by Anne Love.Photo/KarenJordan

WordServe Water Cooler

No author in her right mind sets out to write a novel in the middle of the craziest year of her mid life. But every author knows that life happens regardless of deadlines, contracted or self-imposed. A year ago I hit the keyboard at the end of December with ACFW in September as my self-imposed deadline. Thankfully I didn’t know the hurdles I’d have to leap to arrive the the finish line, or I may not have tried. Thankfully, God knew better.

Little did I know my day job would test my new revelation that I am bi-vocational. Little did I know life would swirl around me like the outer bands of Hurricane Katrina, or I may not have tried. Thankfully, God knew better.

Every writer has a well-rehearsed list of real-life waves that sabotage word count, goals, edits, and plotting. I was well acquainted with the pitfalls of Twitter…

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3 Tips for Writers

by Mary May Larmoyeux What have you learned over the years about writing? What have you learned from others? I've learned that the craft of writing is a lot of hard work. And most of what I've learned has been passed on to me by others. Not too long ago I read a quote by… Continue reading 3 Tips for Writers

Karen Jordan

Questions for Reflection

"... time to take chances, make mistakes, get messy!" (Magic School Bus) Do you tend to focus most on your grammar and mechanics when you self-edit? I do. Today, I want to offer you some questions and ideas that will get you out of the "grammar cop" mode and into a more reflective mood. Writing instructor.… Continue reading Questions for Reflection

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Embracing Your True Identity as a Writer

I wanted to share this post from the WordServe Water Cooler with the StoryWriting Studio!

Have you found your true identity as a writer?

WordServe Water Cooler

Photo/KarenJordan As I watch my grandsons, Ethan and Zach, make silly faces dressed in their costumes, I realize how much I act like them.

At times, I pretend to be someone else, wearing a mask to disguise my true identity.

Masked crusaders. Zach and Ethan often pretend to be superheroes with superhuman powers, fighting against crime or evil. But even though they enjoy their make-believe world for a while, they soon shed their costumes. Bored with one adventure, they put on other outfits–such as pirate costumes–and search for a hidden treasure or sail off to conquer another ship. Later, they may be fully decked out in their new football or soccer uniforms.

True identity. As a writer, when I masquerade as somebody or something else, I tend to lose my focus on reality. And with this cover-up, I sometimes unintentionally deny my true identity.

I may be tempted to hide behind a cloak of self-confidence, trying to compensate…

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Confessions of a Focused Writer

I shared this thought on my personal blog this past week. But I wanted to shared it with my writing friends here on the StoryWriting Studio. You may relate to my journey, right? If so, I'd love to hear from you! So, don't forget to leave your comment in the space below. Blessings, Karen DISTRACTED… Continue reading Confessions of a Focused Writer

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Enough: Considering the White Space

ENOUGH!  This New Year found me bouncing off my office walls again. Where do I begin? Do I work on one of those book proposals? Do I need to write another blog post? Do I have a speaking event scheduled this month? Do I need to work on my new website, so I can get… Continue reading Enough: Considering the White Space

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Writing a Memoir?

“The scariest moment is always just before you start” (Stephen King, On Writing) What is a memoir? “I had to look up the definition of a memoir before I wrote my entry for this contest,” one writer confessed to me. “Congratulations!” I responded, acknowledging her award. This writer’s research paid off. Plus, she chose an inspiring, true… Continue reading Writing a Memoir?