12 Reasons for Writers to Love Facebook

I wanted to re-blog this WordServe Water Cooler post by Becky Johnson to our Storywriting Studio readers because I think it will help you understand why a lot of writers like Facebook. I know it can become an addiction and keep us from writing, but so can reading novels and blogs. Yet social networks & reading are a vital part of the writing life. Thanks, Becky for a great post. See you on Facebook!

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True Confession: For me, Facebook was love at first post.

Apparently I am not alone. Facebook reigns as Social Media King, with 750 million active users. Here are a dozen reasons why Facebook is this writer’s Social Networking BFF.

1.Cure for Isolation: I am a relational gal and it is no secret that writing can be an isolating business. Facebook is a 24 Hour Kitchen Table “Come and Go” Conversation that never ends. I can connect to other writers who are also trapped at home on a deadline. In fact, Facebook is a virtual water cooler for thousands who work at home in their PJs but enjoy a little human connection with their coffee break.

2. Primes My Writing Pump: I read Facebook the way some read the morning paper (before newspapers all but disappeared). I like to peruse my friends’ thoughts while I sip my coffee. Writing a…

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Writing Through the Storm

The lessons we learn during our storms can change our perspective on life. I hope you enjoy this post from the WordServe Water Cooler, “Writing Through the Storm” by Anne Love.Photo/KarenJordan

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No author in her right mind sets out to write a novel in the middle of the craziest year of her mid life. But every author knows that life happens regardless of deadlines, contracted or self-imposed. A year ago I hit the keyboard at the end of December with ACFW in September as my self-imposed deadline. Thankfully I didn’t know the hurdles I’d have to leap to arrive the the finish line, or I may not have tried. Thankfully, God knew better.

Little did I know my day job would test my new revelation that I am bi-vocational. Little did I know life would swirl around me like the outer bands of Hurricane Katrina, or I may not have tried. Thankfully, God knew better.

Every writer has a well-rehearsed list of real-life waves that sabotage word count, goals, edits, and plotting. I was well acquainted with the pitfalls of Twitter…

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Why Consider a Guest Post?

How important is a guest post? From time to time, I've been blessed with the opportunity to contribute a guest post to someone else's blog. I've also featured guest posts on my personal blog and on the StoryWriting Studio. Why do I think that's important? Make connections. This week, I'm honored to be featured on… Continue reading Why Consider a Guest Post?

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7 Writing Tips We Learned From Our Dogs

Whether you’re a dog lover or not, you’ll LOVE this article by the Writing Sisters (Betsy Duffey and Laurie Myers) on the WordServe Water Cooler! Enjoy!

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We have always loved dogs. Over the course of our lives together we have owned over 27 dogs. It is not surprising that some were our best teachers. Here’s what our four-legged friends have taught us about writing:

1. Sit and Stay. These are the two most important commands for writers! If you don’t sit down and begin, you will never get started. Staying is important, too. No, you don’t need another snack.

2. Dig!  Sometimes the facts that we need are buried deep, like a good old bone. The best writing requires some digging–in the library, on the internet, in your heart. Sniff it out. Then dig. If you don’t find it, dig another hole.

3. Know your territory. Writing takes good boundaries and good boundaries mean saying no. One important lesson for both of us was to protect and guard our writing time. We put the…

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Book Review: “First Hired, Last Fired” by Anita Brooks

First Hired, Last Fired: How to Become Irreplaceable in Any Job Market by Anita Agers-Brooks Facing some difficult decisions or people?  How do you hold on to your integrity and your faith in our culture today? Wish you had a second chance to approach a difficult situation in the past? What if you discovered a… Continue reading Book Review: “First Hired, Last Fired” by Anita Brooks

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A Writing Word From Around the Water Cooler

It isn't often I come across a post so good that I am compelled to share it. But this post from the WordServe Water Cooler blog for writers, penned by a literary agent, and writing coach on book publishing basics is a keeper. Alice Crider gives simple, yet profound wisdom to those who would like to write a… Continue reading A Writing Word From Around the Water Cooler

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You Know You Need a Literary Agent When….

These days, to be taken seriously as a professional writer, and to free yourself to focus on writing and speaking, a literary agent is a must. Publishers great and small are bombarded, and heed the voice of an agent's suggestion over the mountainous slush pile of unsolicited manuscripts cluttering their desks. Without an agent, the odds… Continue reading You Know You Need a Literary Agent When….

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New Bible Study by Mindy Ferguson: Eyewitness to Majesty

“... I don’t know what you’re talking about ...” (Matt. 26:70). Denial. Betrayal. Nothing hurts quite like the betrayal of someone you love and trust? But what if you were the one who had betrayed your closest friend? You turned your back on him in his darkest hour of need. Jesus had a friend like that--Peter.… Continue reading New Bible Study by Mindy Ferguson: Eyewitness to Majesty

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Present Moments in Winter Wonderlands

One of the greatest benefits to a personal relationship with God is His immediacy. He is always available. Anywhere, anytime, no fuss, no pre-scheduling, here and now in the present moment. I wrote about this last spring. No arguing about what we have to do to get ready... no grumpy tolerance, (at best), when I… Continue reading Present Moments in Winter Wonderlands

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Hard Questions to Help Real Writers

Yesterday, I spoke briefly with a dear friend going through a crisis. Her broken heart is obvious as she struggles to make sense of a senseless situation. Though we didn't get to talk long, I could see questions etched into her beautiful face. "Why is this happening?" "I know God isn't supposed to give me more… Continue reading Hard Questions to Help Real Writers