Anita Agers Brooks, Karen Jordan, Kathyrn Graves

Untangled Women’s Conference

We are pleased to announce our new Untangled Women's Conference: Detoxing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit to Release All You Are Meant To Be!  For more information, see our Untangled Contact Form, or contact Anita, Kathryn, or Karen (see info below): Anita Brooks - Kathryn Graves - Karen Jordan -

Anita Agers Brooks

Six Ways a Writer Makes Sense of the Senseless

Writers often face crisis in their personal life that threatens to hinder their writing life. We struggle to make sense of senseless situations. Like other human beings, we need to answer the Why questions. But we have an advantage. Writers also have the unique opportunity to process tangled emotions, delve into helpful research, and discover… Continue reading Six Ways a Writer Makes Sense of the Senseless