Mary May Larmoyeux

The Great Juggling Act

Sometime ago, while attempting to open a door to the office, I juggled my purse, a present to be mailed, a sack packed with old newspapers for a friend (or maybe I should say for a friend’s dog), and some files that needed to be returned to work. The handle to the brown paper sack… Continue reading The Great Juggling Act

Kathyrn Graves

Anti-Stress Day

Today, let's do a little stress-busting. Take a few minutes and think about something pleasant, listen to a favorite song, or take a walk outside. Give yourself permission to take this break. It will refresh you and help you focus on whatever tasks press against you. I'll help you out. But I will sing of… Continue reading Anti-Stress Day

Karen Jordan

Reflections from a Songbird



Do you find yourself stressed out over all you’ve committed to lately?

If so, I hope my recent post (below) on the WordServe Water Cooler ( will encourage you.

WordServe Water Cooler


When you have seen one ant, one bird, one tree, you have not seen them all. (E. O. Wilson) 

“Silly bird! Why are you pecking on the window?”

“She’s defending her territory,” my husband Dan surmised.

We watched in amazement as the female cardinal, fooled by her own image, continued to swoop down—over and over again—attacking her reflection in the window.

Dan snickered. “I know you’ll find a story here.” Then, he closed his eyes and dozed off in front of the TV.

I turned my attention back to my laptop and whined, “I’ve got to get this blog post written.”

Dan mumbled from his recliner, “Why don’t you give yourself a break?”

I agreed under my breath. “I AM taking a break! I’m sitting here with you, watching a movie.”

I needed rest. But I stared at my never-ending “to do” list. I felt the pressure of some…

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Karen Jordan

Enough: Considering the White Space

ENOUGH!  This New Year found me bouncing off my office walls again. Where do I begin? Do I work on one of those book proposals? Do I need to write another blog post? Do I have a speaking event scheduled this month? Do I need to work on my new website, so I can get… Continue reading Enough: Considering the White Space

Karen Jordan

Five Ways to Handle Stress in Your Writing Process

I first wrote this post for the WordServe Water Cooler in March of 2012, but I thought you might have missed it. Plus, I needed to read it again myself, since I've faced some stress in my own writing life lately. I hope it encourages you. Are you overwhelmed with stress in your writing life? The… Continue reading Five Ways to Handle Stress in Your Writing Process

Kathyrn Graves


"They reel to and fro and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wits' end . . ." Psalm 107:27. Have you ever felt this way? What should we do in times of great distress? If you're like me, you run to the pantry where the chocolate stash is. Then, after you've eaten every… Continue reading Stress-Busting