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After You Sign the Contract

You did it! You succeeded in acquiring an agent, your book sold, and you just signed your contract. Ahhh. Life is amazing. But... There's more work to do. Maybe the hardest work of all. This is where an author truly needs encouragement, practical ideas, and inner strength. But it all starts with thoughts. "Success is… Continue reading After You Sign the Contract

Karen Jordan

Building a Platform? Helpful Resources

"If you want to be a nonfiction author, you’ve GOT to work on building your platform?” I perked up when I heard the word "platform" mentioned for the umpteenth time at my first writing conference. Building my what? I didn't expect this advice at a "Christian" writing conference. In fact, I didn’t even know what… Continue reading Building a Platform? Helpful Resources

Anita Agers Brooks

The Secret Fears of Writers

Fear finds us all. Even when we don't realize it, all humans fear something. Whether it's death, illness, betrayal, or something else, we all fear loss. Even the most hardened criminal, who would argue by saying, "I ain't afraid of nothin'," isn't making an honest statement. The fact is, facing an unknown future, losing control,… Continue reading The Secret Fears of Writers

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Free Resources to Help You Build Your Platform

- by Mary May Larmoyeux - Do you ever feel frustrated and overwhelmed with all that a writer seems expected to do these days? Have you ever said to yourself, "Why am I doing all of this? Does anyone care? Is God using me to make any difference in the lives of others?" Today there… Continue reading Free Resources to Help You Build Your Platform

Anita Agers Brooks

Selling More Books

Selling more books, and spreading your message is the ultimate goal. For months extending into years, you are driven to build a writing career. By the time your book releases, you hope your efforts pay off — and people actually buy it. If you're like most authors I know, it isn't about making money, it's about… Continue reading Selling More Books

Anita Agers Brooks

Writing Gratitude List

This week of Thanksgiving, I want to share a few reasons I'm grateful as a writer. I hope and pray, you have a long list of your own. I'm grateful to live in a time where learning resources are readily available. The Christian Writer's Guild, The StoryWriting Studio, CLASSeminars, Writing Books, and other resources are… Continue reading Writing Gratitude List

Anita Agers Brooks

Crafting a Writing Goal

Words aspiring writers want to hear. "Send me a proposal on your idea." When it happened for me, at a writers conference, I first went off to a private place and cried happy tears. Then reality set in. I hadn't written a thing. I only had an abstract idea, a desire to write, and a nudge from… Continue reading Crafting a Writing Goal

Anita Agers Brooks

Profit and Passion

Most writers I know are passionate about their desire. Label it craft, art, a call, or compulsion, but no matter how you define it, writing flows through your blood. But most writers I know are also driven by another need -- to make enough money to survive. So how do you marry profit to your passion?… Continue reading Profit and Passion

Lyndie Blevins

Lyndie Blevins: How I Reached 1000+ Twitter Followers

This week my Twitter followers top the 1,000 mark. I’m pumped! In Twitter world, this is a drop in the bucket, but in my world, ‘oh my.’  I still learning, but here is how I got this far. To grow your follower base you need to be intentional in your twitter life, both in ‘tweeting’ and gaining… Continue reading Lyndie Blevins: How I Reached 1000+ Twitter Followers

Karen Jordan

Building Your Platform as a Writer

As a writer, sometimes I get tired just thinking about building a platform. But during my writing journey, I’ve heard a lot about the subject. And even thought my platform is still under construction, I'm always ready to share what I've learned with others. At my very first writers' conference, everyone was talking about building a… Continue reading Building Your Platform as a Writer