Karen Jordan

Storywriters Studio: Connecting Aspiring and Experienced Writers

Do you sometimes feel alone in your writing journey? The journey to publication can be a lonely road. We can’t seem to find anyone who understands that call on our lives. Can you relate? Would you like to connect with other writers who understand some of the trials and tribulations of the writing life? The… Continue reading Storywriters Studio: Connecting Aspiring and Experienced Writers

Kathyrn Graves

Shepherds, Sheep and a Savior

The church auditorium overflowed with excited, chatty children, harried choir workers, and proud parents and grandparents. I arrived too late to get a front seat, but managed to squeeze into the fifth row. The children's Christmas musical at our church is always a highlight of the season for me. I helped direct it for several… Continue reading Shepherds, Sheep and a Savior

Kathyrn Graves

The Grinch Who Stole the Christmas Program

The Program. The adult choir and the ensemble group at our church presented a music-filled dessert "theater" Christmas program twice last weekend.  With an electric fireplace, a Christmas tree, low ambient lighting, and candle-lit table centerpieces, the mood was festive. Song selections ranged from silly to traditional to inspirational. The evenings ended with carols and… Continue reading The Grinch Who Stole the Christmas Program

Kathyrn Graves

Strength Source

Trouble. "How are you doing with cutting out gluten?" the doctor said. Busted. I had to admit the truth. "Terrible." "I know it's the holidays, and that makes it more difficult, but there are lots of good products on the market now." I agreed. But that did help what I'd already bought and stashed in… Continue reading Strength Source

Kathyrn Graves

Who’s Your Rudolph?

"Sing me a song," three year-old Carson said from his car seat behind me. We were on the way to the mall the day before Thanksgiving. Christmas shopping was the agenda, so songs of the season ran through my mind. "Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, had a very shiny nose. And if you ever saw it, you would… Continue reading Who’s Your Rudolph?

Kathyrn Graves

My Eucharisteo List

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about eucharisteo. I challenged you to begin a list of grace gifts you are thankful for. I began my list in the journal I always thought too beautiful for mere words to fill its pages. The book is perfect for this task. I'm no longer inhibited by it.… Continue reading My Eucharisteo List

Kathyrn Graves

What to Wear

Fashion Favor. A friend approached me for a favor. She was scheduled as the featured speaker at a large women's event and she didn't know what to wear. She wondered if I'd be willing to help her. Another friend, whose husband was running for U.S. Congress, asked if I'd help her shop for some clothes to… Continue reading What to Wear

Kathyrn Graves

Speaking–On the Other Side of Comfortable

"Writing and speaking go together like a hand and glove." These words from Florence Littauer, founder of CLASS for Christian leaders, authors and speakers, reverberates in my head. All kinds of excuses for not speaking fill my thoughts, but I reject each. There is no acceptable excuse for writers not to speak. Maybe you, like me,… Continue reading Speaking–On the Other Side of Comfortable

Kathyrn Graves

Writing Retreat

Getaway. Over the last weekend, I spent a couple of days with two writing friends. We live in three different states, and it had been several years since we were all together. So, we caught up on each others' lives, sat around on comfy furniture in an amazing home by the shores of Beaver Lake, Arkansas, and brainstormed… Continue reading Writing Retreat