Kathyrn Graves

Fresh Breezes

We sat at opposite ends of the sofa. Her shoulders scrunched up to her ears as she spoke. "I don't feel the Holy Spirit, so I'm not sure He's there." I tucked my knees under my chin and circled them with my arms, settling in for a long conversation with my friend. "It's not about… Continue reading Fresh Breezes

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You Are a Letter

People don't write letters much anymore. We use social media to give little updates to the world about what's going on in our lives. No matter where in the world we may travel, it's almost always possible to connect to the internet to post our pictures. That's nice in many ways. But I think maybe… Continue reading You Are a Letter

Kathyrn Graves

How to Be a Success

S - sacrifice all my pre-formed ideas, goals and desires. U - understand what the will of God is. This requires prayer. R - run toward God. R - reflect on the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish His work through me. E - end making excuses. N - nurture my faith with Bible… Continue reading How to Be a Success

Kathyrn Graves

Seven Realities

Last Sunday my church began the updated version of the study series, Experiencing God, by Henry Blackaby. The introductory lesson reminded me that God has plans for my life--big plans. It also reminded me that it's up to me to obey. Blackaby bases the whole series on what he calls the Seven Realities: 1.  God is always at work… Continue reading Seven Realities