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The Juggling Act of Marketing While You Write

I learned a lot from the publication and release of my first book. Instead of dwelling on what I did wrong or inefficiently, I’m focusing on improving those areas when Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over releases in April, 2015 via Barbour Publishing.

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Book Review: “First Hired, Last Fired” by Anita Brooks

First Hired, Last Fired: How to Become Irreplaceable in Any Job Market by Anita Agers-Brooks Facing some difficult decisions or people?  How do you hold on to your integrity and your faith in our culture today? Wish you had a second chance to approach a difficult situation in the past? What if you discovered a… Continue reading Book Review: “First Hired, Last Fired” by Anita Brooks

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12 1/2 Writing Rules

This is one of my all time favorite inspirational writing reminders.  A friend shared it with me early in my journey, and I still refer to it today. Keep it close. Read it often. Follow it consistently.   Do you have a go-to for writing inspiration? Anita Fresh Faith Anita Agers-Brooks is a Business and Inspirational… Continue reading 12 1/2 Writing Rules

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Tips to Improve Your Writing in a Funny Way

Writing well is serious work. But there are also opportunities for learning to write well through funny things. Hilarious mistakes surrounding us in our everyday lives. The following video provides a good example for ways we can make learning fun as writers. Do you look for humorous ways to improve your writing? Anita Fresh Faith Anita Agers-Brooks is a… Continue reading Tips to Improve Your Writing in a Funny Way

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Writing Prompts that Work

When writing paralysis sets in, we all can use a helping hand. Getting out of the left side of our brains, so we can crawl into the right side, is often easier thought than done. However, to tap into the real riches of our creative minds, we must learn to do this. I've found three particular writing… Continue reading Writing Prompts that Work