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WordServe Authors Blog Parade: Our First Steps to Publication

It's a Parade! What a great way to end the workweek! Check out the parade of author blogs on the WordServe Water Cooler. If you haven't discovered the WordServe Water Cooler in the past, now is the perfect time to get acquainted with this community of authors represented by WordServe Literary Group. It's a Parade! features links articles… Continue reading WordServe Authors Blog Parade: Our First Steps to Publication

Anita Agers Brooks

Print on Demand: Edison Style

Thomas Edison's Florida Office Steam swooshed onto the platform as the metallic black-horse eased to a stop in Detroit. The clunky train rocked The Grand Trunk Western Railway passengers in their seats. Cargo slid in the holding bays. A twelve year old boy steadied himself against precious equipment, secured in the baggage compartment. Coins jingled… Continue reading Print on Demand: Edison Style

Anita Agers Brooks

Beating the Procrastination Boogie-Man, Part Two

Most writers I know battle a boogie-man. His name -- Procrastination. Last week, I shared my own procrastination habit-breakers. But today, I thought we'd consult an expert. Let's peek into the mind of Dr. Bill Knaus, an expert on the subject. His first suggestion is to accept what procrastination is and isn't. Let's see what he has… Continue reading Beating the Procrastination Boogie-Man, Part Two

Anita Agers Brooks

Real Life Questions for Real Life Writers

Yesterday, I spoke briefly with a dear friend going through a crisis. Her broken heart is obvious as she struggles to make sense of a senseless situation. Though we didn't get to talk long, I could see questions etched into her beautiful face. "Why is this happening?" "I know God isn't supposed to give me… Continue reading Real Life Questions for Real Life Writers

Anita Agers Brooks

The Four Faces of Fear

Fear paralyzes the soul, the mind, and the body.   As many of you know, I'm now writing books in addition to articles, blogs, devotions, and websites. Books are a different animal, and I find them harder than knocking out a 1,200 word article  in an hour. It doesn't help that I have an intense day-job requiring vast amounts of time… Continue reading The Four Faces of Fear

Anita Agers Brooks

Crawling Into a Writer’s Cave

Light At the End of My Tunnel My phone rang for the fifth time in two hours. I looked at the caller ID and groaned. Not because of the person, I love her, but she represented one in a string of many interruptions. “I heard you were home. Wanna go shopping?” “Can’t. I’m writing today.”… Continue reading Crawling Into a Writer’s Cave

Anita Agers Brooks

Writing Challenges into Gratitude

By day, I manage a large river resort, crossing paths with thousands of people every summer. The work requires long hours, exhausting days, and more headaches than I sometimes believe I can tolerate. For me, it tests God's mandate to be thankful for everything -- too often I fail the test. However, my writing is… Continue reading Writing Challenges into Gratitude

Anita Agers Brooks, Karen Jordan, Kathyrn Graves

Feeling Alone in Your Journey as a Writer?

" ... 'til your heart finds a home / I won't let you feel alone /I'm with you  ..." ("I'm with You" )  Do you sometimes feel alone in your writing journey? The journey to publication can be a lonely road. We can't seem to find anyone who understands that call on our lives. The StoryWriting Studio wants… Continue reading Feeling Alone in Your Journey as a Writer?

Karen Jordan

My Writing Dreams

For the first few posts of The StoryWriting Studio, we want to share some of our writing journeys with you. My writing journey begins.  My journey to publication started back in the early 1980s, while we were attending seminary. When my friend, Coralie, told me about a writing for publication workshop that she planned to attend,… Continue reading My Writing Dreams