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The Juggling Act of Marketing While You Write

I learned a lot from the publication and release of my first book. Instead of dwelling on what I did wrong or inefficiently, I’m focusing on improving those areas when Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over releases in April, 2015 via Barbour Publishing.

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After You Sign the Contract

You did it! You succeeded in acquiring an agent, your book sold, and you just signed your contract. Ahhh. Life is amazing. But... There's more work to do. Maybe the hardest work of all. This is where an author truly needs encouragement, practical ideas, and inner strength. But it all starts with thoughts. "Success is… Continue reading After You Sign the Contract

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Becoming an Expert to Support Your Writing

If you seriously pursue writing for very long, you'll soon hear it, especially if you write any form of non-fiction. "You need to become an expert to build your platform." "But an expert in what," you might ask. I used to ask the same thing, but here's a few things I discovered about becoming an expert… Continue reading Becoming an Expert to Support Your Writing

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The Writing Process Animated

I don't know about you, but sometimes a YouTube video offers just the right inspiration to get me motivated. I'm always looking for good writing videos, and I stumbled across this one. It's fun, but also informative. The other thing I like about it, is it's translational. Regardless of what your talent and/or dream, the principles… Continue reading The Writing Process Animated

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Untangled Women’s Conference

We are pleased to announce our new Untangled Women's Conference: Detoxing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit to Release All You Are Meant To Be!  For more information, see our Untangled Contact Form, or contact Anita, Kathryn, or Karen (see info below): Anita Brooks - Kathryn Graves - Karen Jordan -

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Writing Nonfiction that Sells, Pt. 1

You can have the greatest book idea in the world, but if it won't sell, what's the point in writing it? Unless you simply want to leave a legacy for your family and friends with no concern for sharing the message with anyone else. As a Christian author, I'm driven to offer lasting hope to… Continue reading Writing Nonfiction that Sells, Pt. 1

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Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over’s Surprise Release

  It happened to me again -- this makes twice in a row. My book baby came early, while I was out of town. Photos of smiling people happily holding my new release came via text, Facebook, and Twitter, while I ground my teeth in anticipation. Desperately wishing I could see its newborn features with… Continue reading Getting Through What You Can’t Get Over’s Surprise Release

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The Secret Fears of Writers

Fear finds us all. Even when we don't realize it, all humans fear something. Whether it's death, illness, betrayal, or something else, we all fear loss. Even the most hardened criminal, who would argue by saying, "I ain't afraid of nothin'," isn't making an honest statement. The fact is, facing an unknown future, losing control,… Continue reading The Secret Fears of Writers

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Should a Non-Fiction Author Write Fiction and Vice-Versa?

One of my coaching clients has to guard against his propensity to chase every shiny new object. I can identify with his temptations, as I struggle with similar ones in my writing. Can I author both fiction and non-fiction? Can you? Let's explore the question, and see if we arrive at the same conclusions. Recently,… Continue reading Should a Non-Fiction Author Write Fiction and Vice-Versa?

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Marketing In and Out of the Box for Authors and Speakers

"It's getting harder to find places to sell books." Public speaking is still the most effective sales tool for book authors according to many professionals. But with conference attendances lowering, and some closing down, the opportunities are dwindling. And without a strong marketing plan, you often can't get a publisher to bite on a proposal… Continue reading Marketing In and Out of the Box for Authors and Speakers