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Bible Study Basics

We all know we should read our Bibles, but doing it seems a real challenge. How to start? Where to start? Reading straight through has long been a problem for me because I get bogged down in Numbers or Deuteronomy. Trying to read the whole thing in a year doesn't work for me, either. I… Continue reading Bible Study Basics

Kathyrn Graves

Fresh Breezes

We sat at opposite ends of the sofa. Her shoulders scrunched up to her ears as she spoke. "I don't feel the Holy Spirit, so I'm not sure He's there." I tucked my knees under my chin and circled them with my arms, settling in for a long conversation with my friend. "It's not about… Continue reading Fresh Breezes

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Anti-Stress Day

Today, let's do a little stress-busting. Take a few minutes and think about something pleasant, listen to a favorite song, or take a walk outside. Give yourself permission to take this break. It will refresh you and help you focus on whatever tasks press against you. I'll help you out. But I will sing of… Continue reading Anti-Stress Day

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Blurry Vision

Allergies blur my vision this morning. I've dealt with seasonal allergies for years, but usually the symptoms are sneezing and runny nose. This spring the problem is red, burning eyes and blurry vision. My vision issue makes it difficult to read and write. And it makes me look like I might have had too much… Continue reading Blurry Vision

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Writing about Suffering

The following appeared on WordServe Water Cooler in March. Last night a friend contacted me to tell me about her step-mother's new diagnosis of stage 4 cancer. This morning I received word a friend was killed in a car wreck. This evening another friend's granddaughter's baby is unresponsive following a seizure.  It's been an emotional… Continue reading Writing about Suffering

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Where do your writing ideas come from? The way you answer that question may depend on what kind of writing you do. Are you a fiction story-teller? A creative non-fiction story-teller? A Bible study/devotion writer? A technical writer? Is your typical message more serious, or do you prefer adding doses of humor, or even comedy?… Continue reading Inspiration

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Writing Wins

Many people tell me they think they'd like to write, or they feel called to write, or there is something they think they need to write about. But few of them follow through. I think there are several reasons. Writing is work. Writers have to be willing to put in effort. Producing a first draft… Continue reading Writing Wins

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I cradle the phone on my shoulder while making an omelet for breakfast, and trying to think through a grocery list when my husband, Bo, walks in the front door. The senior pastor of our church, he's already been at work  for a couple of hours. I tend to ease into my mornings, while he… Continue reading Setbacks

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Heirloom Stories

My son and daughter-in-law took a recent trip to New Zealand. While they were gone, I stayed in their home and cared for my grandson, Carson. Upon their return, Jeremy and Glen presented me with a pair of jade earrings. Greenstone, as it is known in New Zealand, is not mined, but gathered from deposits… Continue reading Heirloom Stories

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You Are a Letter

People don't write letters much anymore. We use social media to give little updates to the world about what's going on in our lives. No matter where in the world we may travel, it's almost always possible to connect to the internet to post our pictures. That's nice in many ways. But I think maybe… Continue reading You Are a Letter