SWS Team

Our StoryWriting Studio Team

Karen Jordan ~ Anita Brooks ~ Kathryn Graves
         Our Story. In 2012, Karen Jordan, Anita Brooks, and Kathryn Graves began The StoryWriting Studio to come alongside writers. Our goal was to create a network of aspiring and experienced writers, who desire to share their dreams, their discoveries, and even their failures.

Anita Brooks

Anita Agers Brooks is a Certified Communications Specialist, Personality Trainer, Business Coach, and Certified Training Facilitator. Her twenty years of management experience drive her to an ancient text, filled with success secrets. She’s often quoted as saying, “In business, as in life and love, it’s never too late for a fresh start with fresh faith.” She loves to play with words and hang out with her family in Missouri.
Contact anita.freshfaith@gmail.com
Website/Blog http://brooksanita.com
Twitter @AnitaFreshFaith
Facebook Anita Agers Brooks
WordServe Water Cooler: www.wordservewatercooler.com 

Kathryn Graves
Kathryn Graves

Kathryn M. Gravesa Bible teacher, speaker and writer, desires to help others discover the beautiful treasures of wisdom and knowledge found in Jesus Christ. She is also a pastor’s wife and grandmother who loves flower gardening and painting with pastels. 

Contact: katmgraves@yahoo.com
Website/Blog www.kathryngraves.wordpress.com
Exploring the Bible Blog: www.kathryngraves.blogspot.com
Facebook Kathryn M Graves                Twitter @KatMGraves.                  WordServe Water Cooler www.wordservewatercooler.com

Twitter @katmgraves


Karen Jordan encourages others to tell the stories that matter most as an author, speaker, writing instructor, and blogger at karenjordan.net. A native Texan, Karen now resides in Arkansas.

Contact kj@karenjordan.net
Website/Blog www.karenjordan.net
Facebook Karen Jordan
Twitter @KarenJordan 

WordServe Water Cooler www.wordservewatercooler.com

Mary May Larmoyeux
Mary May Larmoyeux

Mary May Larmoyeux and her husband, Jim, live near Little Rock, Arkansas. Family is very important to her—just ask about her grandchildren. She also loves anything to do with the great outdoors.

Contact  mail@legacyconnection.org
Website/Blog  legacyconnection.org

WordServe Water Cooler www.wordservewatercooler.com

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