Mary May Larmoyeux

10 ways to remember the day a child is born

Can you identify this snake?

Well, if you’re a mom or grandmother, you might just think “boy in the house!” Yes, it’s a plastic snake. And, yes, we’ve had a boy in the house.


Our six-year-old grandson and his two sisters have been spending the last few days with Pops and me. That’ s because they have a brand new baby sister! Our grandson came with his basketball, plastic snake, and lots of imagination.

I asked our grandson and his big sister to write down what they thought about the new baby. He printed that she was “so cyout [cute]”… and that she”looks like a “cimunk [chipmunk].” Big sis, on the other hand wrote in cursive, “… For the first time in my life I saw my baby sister, and she saw me. I held her and she stopped crying …”

Our little grandson and his big sister have actually begun to capture memories of their baby sister’s birth. I did a few things too: took a picture of the morning fog that day and bought a newspaper. (Maybe she’ll want to know about the weather … and what was going on in the world when she took her first breath.)

I think it’s important for us to be intentional about capturing our family stories. Here are ten ways to remember the day a precious child or grandchild was born:

1. Write down the thoughts and feelings that you had when you first held your child/grandchild. And describe what happened on the day he was born.

2. Jot down the child’s full name and date of birth in your Bible, along with a favorite Scripture that you will pray for her life.

3. Buy a newspaper so one day you can show your legacy what was going on in the world when he was welcomed into the world.

4. Save the baby’s first booties, and frame them with some pictures from her “birth-day.”

5. If you live away from loved ones, take advantage of today’s technology—use Skype or Face Time to connect.

6. Plant a tree in your yard, and take a picture when you do this. (Someday you can show this to your child/grandchild).

7. If your child has siblings, video the first time they meet their new brother or sister, and ask them what they think about the new addition.

8. Ask grandparents and great-grandparents to write the baby a “birth-day” letter, including their dreams for the child.

9. Take a picture of the hospital or home where the baby was born. Jot down the name of the doctor or mid-wife who delivered him.

10. On your baby’s/grandchild’s first birthday, give her a letter recalling the first day of her life. (Of course, this will be put in her baby book.)

What ideas to you have for capturing the day a precious child was born?

Copyright © 2013 by Mary May Larmoyeux. All rights reserved.


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