Karen Jordan

Book Review: Under the Desert Sky by Lynne Hartke

In Under the Desert Sky, Lynne Hartke takes her readers with her on a dangerous, yet beautiful, wilderness journey.

Facing the doubts and fears of a threatening cancer diagnosis, Lynne soon found hope and entered a promised land rest and peace. She reveals how the living waters of her faith quenched her parched soul, enabling her to survive and thrive as she faced the barren land of cancer that threatened her life and well-being.

Heart-warming memoir. As I read Lynne’s heart-warming memoir, filled with descriptive details of the Sonoran Desert, I followed in her paradox of memories, recalling a life-threatening disease that brought fear and heartache into my family’s life. Yet during these events, the Lord sustained me with the comfort of his love and strength, as He did Lynne.

Encouraging faith story. If you have experienced a crisis and felt like you could not make it through, you will sense Lynne’s battle sto survive. And if you are searching for a beautifully written story to encourage your walk of faith, Under the Desert Sky by Lynne Hartke might be just what you need.

Thank you, Lynne, for sharing your inspiring journey with us.


Click here or on book to to read an excerpt

Under a Desert Sky by Lynne Hartke ISBN: 9780800727741
256 pages | paperback | $14.99 Available May 2017


A complimentary copy of Under a Desert Sky was provided by Lynne Hartke for an honest review of her book.


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