Kathyrn Graves

Flying Alphabet Letters

It was one of those weeks. I needed to work on several writing projects this week, but every day filled with obligations in other areas of my life, leaving no time for writing. My husband is senior pastor of a church, and I have many responsibilities there as well. I also paint one day a week with an artist friend. Writing is my occupation, and I love it, but sometimes painting keeps me sane.

However, yesterday only writing could restore my sanity. Ideas kept pushing to the front of my mind, eclipsing everything else. My fingers tapped out several projects all day long. I stopped long enough to eat, but kept working until long after dark. By that time, my eyes were too bleary to read the computer screen and my head throbbed. But a great sense of satisfaction enveloped me.

I sighed as I settled under the bedcovers last night. It felt good to rest. But my mind kept working after I fell asleep. When I woke this morning, fresh edits of yesterday’s work popped into my mind before I even had a chance to crawl out of bed. I began to process those ideas, and then a new project jumped to the forefront.

As I lay there thinking, my husband touched my forehead.

“I can see your wheels turning,” he said. “In fact, I think I feel alphabet letters pinging onto my head!”

I laughed. But I know God uses our asleep hours to pour His words into us. The key is to be ready to listen. Because I was already focused on writing before bedtime, my mind was receptive to a writing message from the Lord. On days when I don’t write, or even think about it, I’m much less likely to wake with His words in my mind.

Are you looking for writing ideas? Maybe you’re struggling with some needed edits in a piece. Try saying a short prayer before bed, asking the Lord to speak to you as you sleep. Mornings might just become your most productive writing time of the day.

Just be sure to warn your spouse about flying alphabet letters.


Photo: Pixabay

By Kathryn Graves

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