Kathyrn Graves

Cliche or Touche?

Certain phrases are so over-used that writers try to avoid them in their work. I’m sure several are popping into your head as you read this right now: over the topas a matter of fact, and bloom where you are planted.

But I want to tell you what happened to me the other day. It was a busy Saturday morning. We host an Upward Basketball league at our church for 8 weeks every winter. I work in the back hallways and “locker rooms” getting teams ready to go out on the floor. You can imagine the excitement level in the hallway just before each game. You can also imagine the noise level, particularly when we play two half-court games at the same time with the Kindergarteners. It’s a good thing there is loud music in the gym!

I woke up late and rushed around trying to get myself together and out the door on time. I collected my sack lunch, the breakfast I hadn’t had time to eat, a baby gift I was delivering to a new dad/coach, the hot tea I hadn’t had time to drink, and my purse. Juggling all the items, I managed to back out of the front door and get the key in the lock to turn the dead bolt. As I turned around to step off the front porch, I stopped.

A Bright Spot

My eye caught a bright yellow spot where there had only been gray the day before. A single daffodil bloomed on the wrong side of the walkway. Oh, I knew the plant was there. It grew up as a volunteer several years before, but had never bloomed. I often thought I ought to dig it up, but just never did.

The funny thing is, a whole group of daffodils are planted in the bed on the other side of the walk and they haven’t bloomed yet. They are shaded by a neighboring bush, so maybe that’s why. I don’t really know. I just know that this flower bloomed alone, on the wrong side of the walk.

At the right time. About this time of year, I begin to need fresh flowers. The kind that bloom outdoors in early spring, not the hot-house kind. My mood is affected a great deal by the weather and amount of sunshine each day. While I love winter and snow, I’m emotionally done with it by March. My insides begin to get anxious as winter stretches past February. This little flower told me I could relax because spring is about here.

The rest of that crazy day seemed somehow easier to navigate with the flower in my mind. And on my phone. I put all my stuff down and took time to take a photo. I wanted to carry the memory in living color and be able to share it. Already I thought of how meaningful and appropriate the bloom was.

A Message

God sent a message to me through a single flower daring to bloom alone. Jesus said in Luke 12:26-28 that we are more important to Him than flowers, and if they are beautiful and cared for, how much more will we be. I can trust the Lord to provide what I need to “bloom” as a person, as a writer, as a child of the King. Even if I seem to be going it alone, or somehow out of step with my peers, if I am trying to obey God, the flower of my life will bring glory to Him. And just maybe others will be blessed in the process.

So today, I think telling you to bloom where you are planted is more than a cliche. Touche?


Photo: Kathryn Graves



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