Kathyrn Graves, Re-blog

What is Beautiful?

I wanted to share this beautiful post with our friends in the StoryWriting Studio. I know you’ll enjoy “Chasing Beautiful” with Kathy Graves!p

Kathryn Graves

Name Change. I changed the title of my blog to Chasing Beautiful because I want it to reflect what I think we’re about as human beings. Don’t we surround ourselves with things we think are beautiful? We decorate our homes with colors and furnishings that please our eyes. We plant flowers, trees and shrubs to enhance our yards and outdoors spaces. When we go on vacation we like to go places where the scenery is breathtaking. Our closets are filled with clothes that we bought because we thought they looked good. We fix our hair and put on make-up to make ourselves appear more attractive. Reaching for beauty infuses a huge part of our lives.

Why Now? Five years ago my life was fantastic. I had a loving family, nice house, we all enjoyed good health, and we were financially stable. As empty-nesters, my husband and I could – and…

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