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Writing Through the Storm

The lessons we learn during our storms can change our perspective on life. I hope you enjoy this post from the WordServe Water Cooler, “Writing Through the Storm” by Anne Love.Photo/KarenJordan

WordServe Water Cooler

No author in her right mind sets out to write a novel in the middle of the craziest year of her mid life. But every author knows that life happens regardless of deadlines, contracted or self-imposed. A year ago I hit the keyboard at the end of December with ACFW in September as my self-imposed deadline. Thankfully I didn’t know the hurdles I’d have to leap to arrive the the finish line, or I may not have tried. Thankfully, God knew better.

Little did I know my day job would test my new revelation that I am bi-vocational. Little did I know life would swirl around me like the outer bands of Hurricane Katrina, or I may not have tried. Thankfully, God knew better.

Every writer has a well-rehearsed list of real-life waves that sabotage word count, goals, edits, and plotting. I was well acquainted with the pitfalls of Twitter…

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2 thoughts on “Writing Through the Storm”

  1. Thank so much for sharing this today, Karen. Each writer has their own storms to deal with. I’m sure you all are well acquainted with the hail and lightning in yours. Let’s all stand together to help hold each other up!

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    1. My pleasure! I admire your courage writing about this subject, Anne. I’ve been through one storm after another this past decade, and you’ve inspired once again me to write more about those experiences. So, thank you! Blessings!


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