Mary May Larmoyeux

Four Ideas for Helping Children Learn How to Write Stories

– by Mary May Larmoyeux

notebook and penSome of my grandkids live out of state, and we have great fun connecting each week for our online writing “class.”

Here are four ideas for helping children learn how to write stories:

1) Read the same book and then, via Skype, talk about the author’s ideas, writing style, etc.

2) If possible, watch the DVD “Writing Strategies” by Rock N Learn. (It features Marco the Pencil and covers things like how to brainstorm ideas, hook the readers, write effective dialogue, and much more.) Then help the kids put what Marco says into practice.

3) Ask the kids to write something every week in a journal.

4) Read author Tricia Goyer’s wonderful blog post  “6 Activities for Your Kids’ Writing Club/For Teens & Preteens.”

What suggestions do you have for teaching kids how to write stories … and how to help them love the written word?

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