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Sharing Family Stories at Thanksgiving

horn of plentyby Mary May Larmoyeux

Thanksgiving is almost here and it’s a perfect time to share family stories.

As our family will enjoy turkey and dressing this Thanksgiving, we’ll recall not only God’s blessings, but also share some of our family’s favorite stories.

I’ll never forget a time long ago when my mom and dad were visiting for Thanksgiving while Jim’s and my kids were still living at home. We were sharing our blessings and my dad said he was thankful that he had a good wife. Mom couldn’t understand him. “What?” she asked. “You want a new wife?”

We all leaned back in our chairs and laughed, and a Thanksgiving memory was etched on our hearts.

When I think of Mom and Dad, I can still see them holding hands (even after being married for 50 years) and kneeling side-by-side at the foot of their bed to pray. I am very thankful for the parents God gave me!

What is one of your favorite family stories?

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The Grandparent Connection

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