Anita Agers Brooks

Don’t Write and Drive

I confess I’ve done it. Notebook staged precariously on the console, eyes flitting back and forth as I mostly scrawl without looking in order to capture the thought before it can escape. But it wasn’t the smartest thing I’d ever done.

Now I use the recorder in my phone, hands free of course, to make sure I save the idea as well as the lives around me.

Sometimes looking back helps us think forward, and a comical view makes us take serious pause. Writers can’t always control when an inspirational thought hits, in the shower, during an important meeting, while driving a car. But we must control how and when we put our words down — otherwise our creative endeavors could turn dangerous, or make us look as silly as those in the short video below.

Don’t write and drive! Have you ever done something dumb in order to capture a great creative thought?

Anita Fresh Faith


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