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Let’s Write!

– by Mary May Larmoyeux

Writing LifeEvery once in a while a writer comes along who speaks to your heart and helps you become a better writer. Linda Apple is that kind of person for me.

Apple was one of the speakers at last weekend’s White County Creative Writers Conference. I have heard her speak several times, and always have left feeling encouraged. Her newest book, Writing Life, was sold at the conference. Of course, I just had to buy a copy.

Although Writing Life is only about 100 pages, it’s packed with writing tips and exercises that make it a book well worth reading, over and over again.

At the very end of the book Linda says: “Today is the day to begin. Write the rippling circles of life around you. Do it for our future. Write about your failures, your mistakes, trials, and disappointments. Tell us how you mustered the strength to overcome. Share how you resisted the temptation to allow adversity to darken your perspective but instead used it to deepen your character. Tell us these stories so we can learn from you when we find ourselves in similar circumstances. No one can help someone like someone who has been there.”

As the Storywriting Studio and Linda Apple so well know, stories matter — yours, mine … the world’s.

Let’s write!

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Write!”

  1. Thank you so much Mary! The Kindle version of Writing Life is now available. The printed version shows “out of print” but actually it is being revised. The cover had issues and the publisher is fixing it. The print version should be available soon.

    I’m enjoying your book, The Grandparent Connection, immensely!


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