Karen Jordan

Struggling with Procrastination?


I wrote about procrastination on my personal blog recently. So, I wanted to address this issue on the StoryWriting Studio, too.

I know that I’m not the only writer who struggles with this issue, right?

Do you deal with procrastination, too? 

My online dictionary defines a “procrastinator” as someone who put things off till another day or time, deferring action or delaying. It illustrates this definition by saying that we can “procrastinate until an opportunity is lost.”

So I must ask this question: Lord, am I a procrastinator? 

I never thought this term described me. But I know that I tend to compulsively overcommit to more than I can reasonably handle most of the time. Do you?

In reality, I know that I am NOT a “procrastinator.” This word does NOT define me. But I DO seem to be tempted to put things off from time to time. And I sense that some opportunities available to me right now may be lost forever if I don’t address this issue in my life.

Maybe I’ve fallen prey to this condition because of my age, burnout, or health issues. But I don’t think I need any negative self-talk right now, shaming me because I have this problem. So, I must seek what God’s Word says about this issue.

Read the rest of my post on procrastination here.

How do you deal with procrastination in your writing life? 


2 thoughts on “Struggling with Procrastination?”

  1. I try to set myself an easy goal, say of 200 words. As I feel this is doable and won’t take long its easier to persuade my self to sit down and actually write. Once I’m writing I normally then write more than my easy goal.
    However, if I set myself the final word count as my goal then my brain thinks it will take a long time and delays the sitting down part, and then nothing gets written.


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