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3 Ways to Organize Your Story Ideas

by Mary May Larmoyeux

If you will be going on a vacation this summer, you’ve probably made a lot of plans. You’ve chosen a destination, made hotel accommodations, and decided countless other details.

Behind every successful vacation there’s usually good preparation. The same is true for good writing.
Here are three ways to begin organizing your stories:

1) Use a mindmap:

mindmapping graphic

When making a mindmap, you will begin with a blank sheet of paper. In the middle of it, draw a circle and jot down your central idea inside of it. Then add related ideas in connecting circles (see above).

Writing Coach Dalphene Grey’s has a helpful article “Why I Why I insist on blathering about mindmapping.”

2) Make an outline: example of an outline

3. Jot your ideas down on a list, then use colors to group like ideas together:


Basset Hound

Now it’s your turn. How do you organize your story ideas? Please share your tips in a comment below.


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