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Have you been in a “storm”?

by Mary May Larmoyeux

I’m part of a group going through Hayley DiMarco’s wonderful book The Fruitful Wife. This week we talked about joy.

DiMarco says, “Joy comes when you realize that your life is never, for one second, a surprise to God. He hasn’t lost all control, and things aren’t happening willy-nilly.” Hayley reminds us that happiness depends on good circumstances. Joy, on the other hand, can survive devastation because it’s reliant on the perfect nature of Almighty God.

When we are mindful that God is totally sovereign in our life, then we can find joy in even the most difficult of situations. That’s because we know that God is with us no matter what … that He will never leave us or forsake us (Joshua 1:5).

In the video above, Dove-award winner Meredith Andrews sings about God’s faithfulness in her stirring song “Not for a Moment.” After watching it, did you remember a time when you walked through a “storm”? Please leave a comment about your perspective today on that “storm.”

Then take some time to write about it. How did you feel when you were going through that difficult time? What did you think? What did you learn, not only yourself, but also about God?

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2 thoughts on “Have you been in a “storm”?”

  1. Marilyn, what a storm you went through! How wonderful that your marriage was restored and that you were able to experience some good years with your husband before his death. Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. After seventeen years of marriage to my one and only love,I was devastated by a sudden storm that led to heartbreak,divorce and despair. God used a promise I made to my husband years ago to bring His grace,forgiveness,and total restoration into our family. After only eighteen months of divorce ,we were remarried. We had three more years together before my husband’s death, but the love and peace following the storm became my most precious testimony of God’s faithfulness. He is so good! I praise Him for the storm as well as the recovery!


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