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Mom’s Night Out

by Mary May Larmoyeux


Calling all moms and grandmoms! Treat yourself to a wonderful story by watching Sony Pictures’ new movie “Mom’s Night Out.” It was released today (May 9, 2014) in theaters around the country.

I saw a sneak preview of the film last week and it was great! Whether you are a new mom or grandmom, it’s sure to make you laugh and remind you of your own funny stories of motherhood.

And to get an insider’s view, listen to the radio interview on FamilyLife Today with Kevin Downs and Andy Erwin, producer and director of “Mom’s Night Out.”

Do you have a funny story about being a mom? I’ll never forget hearing a son’s cry for help one night when he was about two years old. When my husband and I walked into his bedroom we saw him literally hanging on the wall, flailing his arms yelling, “Help! Get me down!”

The belt to his bathrobe had somehow gotten caught on a curtain hook (guess who had been climbing).

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