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What’s Your Perspective?

by Mary May Larmoyeux

Do you see a glass half empty or half full?  Beg of Spring_14

When you travel, do you say, “We’re almost to our destination,” or “Ugh! We still have 30 more miles to go!”

Perspective. We all have it. And the way people look at life often depends on what they have experienced. Past experiences often color the perspectives that we have this very day.

I like what author Denis Waitley says, “You must look within for value, but you must look beyond for perspective.”

Now, let me ask you a question: What do you see when you look at the above picture? Is winter almost over, or is winter still hanging on? Of course, your answer will depend on your … perspective!

Story Writing JourneyLook at the picture that accompanies this post and then jot down several things from your life that it reminds you of.  Write about one of these things.

Photo and post Copyright © 2014 by Mary May Larmoyeux. All rights reserved.

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7 thoughts on “What’s Your Perspective?”

  1. I actually looked at the wonderful little birds, the one sitting at the top looking out at his/her world just being himself, perhaps taking a rest or perhaps gearing up for courtship etc. I have always loved the lacy look of bare branches against the sky!! Yes blue skies!! Spring is coming.


    1. Hi, dune mouse. I sure hope you’re right about spring! Looks like Old Man Winter will be around her a little while longer. Love what you said about your focus being on the one little bird just being himself!


  2. Hi, Carroll. I’ve never thought about artists not painting all of the branches on a tree. Love what you said about only One who can do that! Your comment is a good reminder that whether I see spring coming or winter hanging on, God’s in control. I need that reminder today.


  3. I wonder why when I paint a tree I can never get that many branches..if I try to it looks overdone, then I think of course, only One can create like that and I feel so much better.


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