Karen Jordan

Valentine Reflections

“Did you notice the reflection of the moon on the lake?”

As I walked out on our front screened-in porch, I admired the reflections of the full moon and rejoiced at the incredible Valentine’s gift from God. What a perfect ending to a wonderful Valentine’s Day dinner.

Dinner. I had planned a romantic dinner that evening with my husband’s favorites. 

“I think I’d love a home-cooked hamburger.” Dan requested.

“A hamburger?” I questioned.

“Yes. You haven’t cooked those in awhile,” he explained.

After my mom’s demise from the human form of Mad Cow Disease several years ago, I lost my taste for beef for awhile. For years, I couldn’t eat it at all. Since then, I’ve faced my fears. But when choosing a meal, I never consider it an option, except for special requests.

“Where’s the beef?” Dan joked as he walked in the back door.

“You have two choices–hamburger or steak.” I bought a couple of steaks, just in case Dan changed his mind about the burgers. Who asks for a hamburger for a Valentine’s Day celebration? I thought. My husband!

Friends. The phone rang earlier that afternoon, as I took our berry cobbler out of the oven. Yes, I even made a dessert, even though I’ve sworn off sugar.


I could hear the excitement in my friend’s voice, as she recalled the details of her successful oral exam for her counseling license. I listened with anticipation as my friend shared a long-awaited answer to our prayers.

“How will you celebrate?” I didn’t want my friend to celebrate her victory alone on Valentine’s Day. So, I invited her to join us for a double celebration. After a few moments of hesitation, she agreed.

Moonshine. When I awoke the next morning, the full moon reflected in my kitchen window through the trees. So, I found a cozy spot to enjoy my coffee under the light of the moon.

I thought of how the full moon reflected the light of the sun completely at this stage. Since we can’t see this view of the moon all the time, I savored the moment.

As I continued to admire the moon, my meditations turned toward God. I thought of God’s blessings, His many gifts of love over the years–a loving husband, a beautiful family, and some wonderful friendships.

I prayed, Lord, I want to be a full reflection of Your love to those around me. Help me keep my focus on You as my first love, not distracted by the temptations and frustration of this world. Amen.

Can you remember a special Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear all about it! Leave your comment below.

Image courtesy of Exsodus/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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