Karen Jordan

Writing about the Perfect Song

Photo/JordanI remember the first time that I heard the song “Only You” with my husband Dan. Even though we’d only dated a short while, we knew in an instant that this was “our song.”

When I hear that song now, no matter who sings it, I think of one special moment after our wedding.

Perfect timing. Our car had been covered with Vaseline and feathers, as we left for our honeymoon. My Uncle Bill handed us a large box of industrial towels to wipe off the mess, as we drove away from the church.

As I rolled up the car window, I looked at Dan and breathed a sign of relief, “Whew! I’m glad that’s over, aren’t you?”

A few miles down the road, I turned on the radio. To our surprise, we heard these lyrics at the perfect time.

Only you can make this world seem right
Only you can make the darkness bright …
(“Only You” written by Buck Ram)

Of course, I cried. Filled with the emotions of the day, this song allowed me the sweet release that I needed to relax and enjoy the ride.

Perfect lullaby. Fast forward … I found myself rocking my restless, newborn baby boy, Adam. Not knowing how to comfort him, I rocked, patted, swaddled, and cuddled to no avail. Nothing seemed to work, until I sang these words, “Only you can make this world seem right …”

It’s odd, but that song worked with every restless baby crisis that ever I’ve encountered. You might want to try it next time you need some help with that issue.

Perfect song. Most couples that I know find one perfect song that they claim as their own. Did you?

Today, I challenge you to write about your special song. Maybe that would be the best Valentine’s gift ever!

Did you choose a perfect song with your loved one? Leave a comment below and tell us about it. We’d love to hear from you.

YouTube/Azerty240 (“Only You” The Platters)


8 thoughts on “Writing about the Perfect Song”

  1. Just the Way You Are by Billy Joel summed up the security I felt with Terry and I think he did with me. Still sing it sometimes, especially when I need a reminder of how blessed we have been to be together.
    I loved the Platters, by the way!


    1. I had never heard that one, Debra! But I love it! I LOVE country music! But I’ve missed a lot of the hits and artists in the past decade or so for some reason. I need to check out more songs by Sara Evans! Nice …


  2. Our song we listened to while dating was,Platters, “Lay your head on my shoulder”!That song was put on CD for a romantic Valentines Day a few years ago. Needless to say it still works!


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