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Freeblogging, Freewriting, and Writing for Free



Freeblogging, freewriting, and writing for free. If you’re a freelance writer, you may have considered one or more of these words.

What thoughts or emotions do these terms stir up for you? Fear, doubt, and unbelief? Or love, joy, and peace? I thought so.

Freeblogging. When I first wrote about freeblogging, I thought I had coined a new term. But I discovered that others use the term as well.

Freeblogging is a form of blogging that encourages use of the free writing techniques. A freeblog differs from a traditional blog in that the text entry is time-limited in a way that encourages constant typing without pause. The resulting freeblog typically exhibits a “stream of consciousness” style of writing, complete with spelling mistakes and other errors (wikipedia.org).

Freewriting. In my StoryWriting Studio post, “Writer’s Block? Try Freewriting,” I refer to a great resource on free writing, Writing Without Teachers by Peter Elbow. He offers some great insight to writers who may get writer’s block. Elbow encourages “non-stop or free uncensored writing,” in the initial steps of the writing process, followed much later by the editing process.

Am I a freeblogger? Honestly, I first considered that “stream of consciousness” technique in my blog , but I knew that I didn’t have the courage to expose the whole world to my shoddy first drafts.

However, I do consider myself a freeblogger, if you define the term by how much money I earn blogging. Nada!

Recently, some of my newest blogging friends have inspired me with their blogging for compensation. So, thanks for the tips,  ArkansasWomenBloggers.com.

Writing for free. A while back, one of my blog readers commented on a post about freeblogging, “Free writing is something I hate. I prefer to be paid for my work.”

Obviously, she offered her sarcastic comment based on the financial struggles that freelance writers experience. I’ve discovered that some publications expect writers–especially new writers–to write for free. Plus, many writers donate their services for a worthy cause.

But you may be asking, “When can I expect to be paid for my work?”

Weighing our options? Writing for free? To do, or not to do, that is the question …

  • Temptation. Sometime I feel discouraged and give up on submissions, when I’m asked to “contribute” to certain publications. In fact, I know that I could do much better financially with a “real” job. So, I must ask myself these questions at times: Why do you write? Are you doing this for the money?
  • Motivation? If I only wrote for pay, I would have abandoned my passion long time ago. But at times, my emotional reaction to this internal conflict forces me to consider my primary motivation for writing.Are you writing primarily to earn an income? I don’t know many people who choose to work day-after-day without pay.But I do know quite a few writers who choose to use their skills and talents to share their faith or support a worthy cause on occasion.
  • Provision. God continues to provide my needs, as I seek His guidance. But most writers do need some income to pay for their writing expenses.Consider this Scripture: “Those who work deserve their pay!” (1 Tim. 5:18 NLT)
  • Disclaimers. Now that I’ve expressed my unsolicited opinion about writing for free, I need to make a few of final disclaimers.
    1. I don’t ALWAYS have the freedom to give away my time, skills, and talents–only for a projects and causes that I sense God directs me to pursue and support.
    2. I would LOVE to be paid for my work all the time! And often God DOES use others to provide for the needs of “freelance writers,” especially those who write for Him.
    3. I don’t like to write about controversial topics because of my fear of judgment, criticism, conflict, and confrontation.But here goes … holding my breath as I click “publish.” [Aargh!]

Why do you write? Would you (or do you) ever write for free at times? 



2 thoughts on “Freeblogging, Freewriting, and Writing for Free”

  1. Wow! You’ve made me think. Loved this posting. The verse you shared…”Those who work deserve their pay.” I wonder, is writing “work” or creative expression? And, is our time spent writing the same as tithing to God? We write what’s placed in us and give it freely….a tithing of our time as precious as a tithing of our money? And look at the great hymns from a century or two ago….were those people paid for those songs? Perhaps in some cases, but I’m betting no in others. Yet, here we are 100 or 200 years later, finding richness in their verses. Thank God they wrote for free! Just some thoughts.


    1. Thanks for your comment, Debra. I wrote this post because I know a lot of freelance writers struggle with this issue. So, I wanted to start the conversation on our SWS. It helps me to examine my primary motives for writing at times, especially when I get discouraged. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this subject.


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