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Re-Setting Your Writing Goals

It’s that time of year. When we pull the trigger on fresh starts, resolutions, new focuses, and re-setting our goals. I know for me, I’m reviewing my accomplishments from this year, as I prepare for new opportunities in the coming. One Word that Will Change Your LIfe

Not one to make resolutions, I gave up on keeping them a long time ago. The problem? Mental lists don’t stick. At least for me. What does work is keeping a single focus all year long. One Word that Will Change Your Life is a book I highly recommend. I especially like letting my One Word find me.

Last year, my word was Detox.

This year’s One Word? Favored.

After letting my One Word settle in, I write down goals. This is crucial to getting things done, and moving consistently in the direction you want to travel in. I can’t tell you what a difference it makes to put things in black and white.

  • When I’m overwhelmed, having a goals list makes me productive.
  • Written goals remind me not to procrastinate or waste my time on television or some other useless activity.
  • When I feel confused on what to do next, having my goals prioritized in a calendar fashion, puts me back on track.

Goals magnify how much we accomplish, and allow us to feel relief along with a sense of satisfaction when we complete them. Without goals, I doubt I’d be a published author today.

To give you a quick idea of how goals can impact your life, I invite you to watch the YouTube video below, less than four minutes long. I also encourage you to invest a small amount of time to meditate on what One Word might transform you from mediocrity to a life of meaning. Then write your goals. I don’t think you’ll be sorry you did.

Anita Fresh Faith

Jeremiah 30:2 (NIV)

“This is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: ‘Write in a book all the words I have spoken to you.”

First Hired Last Fired
Available online, at Barnes and Noble, and select midwest Walmart Stores

Anita Agers-Brooks is a Business and Inspirational Coach, Certified Personality Trainer, Productivity Expert, Certified Training Facilitator, Communications Specialist, and national speaker. Anita is also the author of, First Hired, Last Fired — How to Become Irreplaceable in Any Job Market. Now available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million,, select Walmart’s, plus many fine stores, Christian and otherwise.

She’s a partner in The Zenith Zone, a business coaching firm. Member of the Christian Writer’s Guild, Toastmasters, and a client of WordServe Literary Group. A graduate of CLASSeminars for Leaders, Speakers, and Authors, a co-founder of The StoryWriting Studio, and speaker on circuit for Stonecroft International Ministries. Anita co-hosts a weekly podcast, Engaging Life and Leadership with Darren Dake, available on iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast platforms.

Anita is passionate about business with integrity, healthy relationships, and issues of identity. She travels the country teaching others from her personal experiences and research. She believes it’s never too late for a fresh start with fresh faith.

Her favorite past time is lounging by a river or lake in Missouri, laughing with with her husband of thirty years, Ricky.

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1 thought on “Re-Setting Your Writing Goals”

  1. I agree, “Mental lists don’t stick.” As you know, I’m working on my goal-planning for the year right now, too. I’ve also found it helps to have an accountability partner. Btw, my one word for the year is ENOUGH.


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