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dreamstime_xs_31419743 coyoteby Mary May Larmoyeux

It was about midnight. I had just finished an online photo book and my husband was sound asleep. That’s when I heard the eerie howling and yelping.

After living in the country for almost three years, I recognized the sound: coyotes. But I had never heard so many. And it seemed like they were really close. As if they could be right behind our house.

Not knowing what to do, I turned on the porch light. In an instant, the chorus of spine-tingling howls and yelps stopped.


Then, yesterday, my husband and I were walking in the field behind our home when he pointed to a five-digit print in the ground. “Looks like coyote to me,” Jim said. “This is probably where they were the other night.”

Wherever they were, it was too close for me. I was so glad that the porch light had scared the coyotes away!

As the new year begins, most of us have not only hopes for the days and months ahead, but also fears. When I find myself not knowing what to do, I want to remember the coyotes, and turn on the “Light.”

This Week’s Story Journey Challenge: Pay attention to things that you hear this week such as the cry of a baby, screech of tires, or sound of an airplane flying overhead. Use something that you hear as a prompt to write a story.

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