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One thing every writer needs to know

by Mary May Larmoyeux

I once heard an editor say that a lot of people want to be writers, but they don’t want to do the hard Pen_Notebookwork of writing … and rewriting. Last night I was visiting with a writer who said this very thing!

Let’s face it: Writing is hard work. As Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector once said, “I only achieve simplicity with enormous effort.”

I think that successful writers need to know why they write. And there are probably as many reasons as there are writers.  

Do you want to somehow change the world through your writing … or maybe influence just your little corner of life? Do you want to capture the hearts and imaginations of countless strangers through stories of adventure and intrigue … or perhaps share God’s truths with loved ones who you will never meet?

Only you can answer those questions.

Real Reasons Writers Write

If you visit Cec Murphy’s website ( you won’t have to wonder what he wants to do with his writing. He clearly says, “I Want TO HUG PEOPLE WITH My Words.”

Karen Jordan’s tagline ( explains her desire for writing: Tell the stories that matter most. And bestselling author Michael Hyatt ( wants to help leaders leverage impact.

We all have different reasons for writing.

By day I write for FamilyLife ( When I do this I want to write biblical, practical articles that give families hope and direction. By night I write for my own family.

And I also write regular posts for not only the StoryWriting Studio, but also for The GRANDparent Connection ( But why?  

You may remember the words of Olympic runner Eric Liddell in the movie Chariots of Fire: “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.”

When I write well, I do feel close to the heart of God. I think that He has put a love of writing inside me and I just “have” to write. Can you identify?

Now back to back to the original question: Why do you write?

This Week’s Story Journey Challenge:  By now you should have written at least one or two  stories about your family and also jotted down a list of things that you are grateful for.

This week, write one more story and ask yourself why you are writing your personal stories. It would be great if you’d share this in a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “One thing every writer needs to know”

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Mary! I love that quote from Eric Liddell, too. And I’ve discovered that “when I (write), I feel his pleasure!” In fact, I wrote a story this week about a songbird that keeps pecking on my window. And I felt that it pleased God for me to write down what He was teaching me. I don’t have a clue who will ever read it. But I believe that when we tell the stories that matter most, lives change and hearts heal.


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