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Passing on a life story

by Mary May Larmoyeux

LightPetitJean_ml_medDid you happen to watch the Billy Graham special last night, My Hope America (

“What’s that got to do with stories?” you ask.


Through an interview with Dr. Graham (who is now 95 years old), video clips from his more than half-century ministry, and stories of two followers of Christ, one caught a glimpse of this humble man and his mark on this world.

Tomorrow is not promised for Dr. Graham. Nor is it promised for you or me. What will be our legacy?

I’m beginning to piece together some sort of journal or book or box filled with memorabilia for Jim’s and my legacy. Would you help me think through how I should tell our story? What would great-great grandchildren who will never personally know us want to understand about their ancestors?

I want them to know not only about people like Dr. Graham, but also about Jim’s and my faith and what mattered to us in life. I’d like them to know about the prayers that I am saying for them today and about some of the challenges that I’ve walked through. Of course, there should be pictures and video clips. Should I include some sort of time capsule filled with letters and a few of my favorite things? Should I write about growing up and tell them about my parents and siblings? The list could go on and on.

Where should I begin? The thought of this sometimes seems overwhelming.

What ideas do you have for passing on a life story to a legacy you will never see?

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