Karen Jordan

New Bible Study by Mindy Ferguson: Eyewitness to Majesty


“… I don’t know what you’re talking about …” (Matt. 26:70).

Denial. Betrayal.

Nothing hurts quite like the betrayal of someone you love and trust?

But what if you were the one who had betrayed your closest friend? You turned your back on him in his darkest hour of need.

Jesus had a friend like that–Peter.

I grieved with Peter as I read the account of his betrayal of Jesus? (Matt. 26:69-75) I wondered, Would I betray my closest friend if I thought my life was at risk? What guilt! Would he ever forgive me?

Mindy Ferguson addresses even more of my questions about Peter’s life and his relationship with Jesus in her new Bible study. Eyewitness to Majesty: Abandoning Self for Christ – Peter. 

Through the Eyewitness to Majesty Bible study, we walk along with Peter as an eyewitness to the life of Christ. I found the Apostle Peter’s story and perspective encouraging. The former-fisherman and zealous follower of Jesus is mentioned more times in the four gospels than anyone other than Jesus himself. Peter was praised more than any other disciple. He was also rebuked more than any other disciple. His imperfections make him lovable and his victories give us hope. The apostle Peter’s relationship with Jesus reminds us that we serve a merciful, loving God who uses imperfect vessels to accomplish His divine tasks. (Mindy Ferguson)

If you want to dig deeper into God’s Word, check out Mindy Ferguson’s new book, Eyewitness to Majesty: Abandoning Self for Christ – Peter. 

Photo/MindyFergusonMindy Ferguson is a national retreat and conference speaker who passionately encourages women to live for Christ. She is the President and founder of Fruitful Word Ministries and the author of three books, including Bible Reflections for Women, in the Hugs series published by Simon & Schuster-Christian.

Mindy is a frequent guest on radio programs and has contributed to national magazines such as Christianity Today’s Kyria.com and P31 Woman magazine. Her writings have appeared in popular books such as Chicken Soup for the Mother of Preschooler’s Soul and the One Year Life Verse Devotional. Mindy is currently writing the Eyewitness Bible Study series, published by AMG Publishers. Her newest Bible study, Eyewitness to Majesty, is now available. Watch for information about her next study, Eyewitness to Glory, which will be available later this year.

Mindy enjoys serving on the Women’s Ministry leadership for her home church, working as treasurer for her family’s business, and she finds great joy spending time with her husband of twenty-five years and their two adult children.

Leave a comment on this blog post by March 15, for your chance to win a FREE copy of Mindy Ferguson’s new Bible study, Eyewitness to Majesty: Abandoning Self for Christ – Peter

FTC Disclosure: Special thanks to Fruitful Word Ministries for a review copy of Mindy Ferguson’s Eyewitness to Majesty: Abandoning Self for Christ – Peter

Karen Jordan encourages others to “tell the stories that matter most.” Find links to her writing workshops, speaking topics, and other online connections www.karenbarnesjordan.com.

4 thoughts on “New Bible Study by Mindy Ferguson: Eyewitness to Majesty”

  1. What a great write-up, Karen. Thank you. That moment when the rooster crowed just after Peter denied knowing Jesus the third time (which Jesus told him would happen) and “The Lord turned and looked straight at Peter” (Luke 22:61) is the event that prompted me to write Eyewitness to Majesty. Thanks so much for your touching words regarding the study.


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