Kathyrn Graves

My Eucharisteo List

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about eucharisteo. I challenged you to begin a list of grace gifts you are thankful for. I began my list in the journal I always thought too beautiful for mere words to fill its pages. The book is perfect for this task. I’m no longer inhibited by it. Each day I eagerly seek additions I can make to my list. And I have found it to be true: a grateful heart produces joy.

I’ll share a few of my entries and maybe it will encourage you to begin your own list, if you haven’t already.

  • The detritus of my grandson Carson’s little boy life, left behind when he went home.
  1. Toy truck on the kitchen island
  2. Sippy cup in the car
  3. Spiderman sweatshirt left in the dryer
  4. Miniature hand print on the glass storm door
  5. Bathtub animals and alphabet letters

  • Friends at a baby shower
  • Digital photos of our son’s wedding last week
  • Hot green/herbal tea at night
  • The seat heater in my car
  • My beautiful journal. It reminds me of my son, Jeremy, who gave it to me
  • The return of good health
  • My very own Bible in my own language
  • Wearing flip-flops in late November in Kansas


My goal is 1,000 grace gifts listed in my journal. But I have an idea I’ll keep going after that. Gratitude is habit-forming.

Photos/Phillip “Bo” Graves

Kathryn writes about the Other Side of Comfortable at http://www.KathrynGraves.wordpress.com


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