Anita Agers Brooks

Why I’m a Qualified Writer

Anita Brooks
What Events Litter Your Writer’s Path?

One way I know I’m meant to be a writer is because of the fascinating things I’ve experienced. Many painful, some practical, all emotional, these events have shaped my own life, and God uses them to touch others. So many strange things have happened — I sometimes wonder how I’ll get to writing about them all.

Here’s a quick bullet-point rundown of some very private moments:

  • Found out around the age of twelve that I’m an accidental occurrence. My mom was almost three months pregnant when my parents married.
  • In fifth grade, one of my closest friends died when he slipped off a tree branch, and was hung while playing mountain climber.
  • Pregnant at sixteen myself, yet finished high school while taking care of my infant son and working a part-time job to feed him.
  • Threatened numerous times for exposing an illegal activity I discovered while working in a bank. This person eventually pretended to be pregnant, befriended a young girl, took her in the woods, and shot her in the head right after she delivered her baby. A few days later, authorities captured the woman who threatened me, and she’s in prison today for murder.
  • Donated a kidney to my younger sister in 1997.
  • Committed myself to a serious relationship with Jesus Christ in a Denver, Colorado hospital.
  • After the transplant, I slipped into my first bout with deep, clinical depression.
  • Early 1999 — Finally scaled out of the black pit, with God pulling me up, every inch of the way.
  • Mid 1999 — Notified of my husband’s affair with another woman.
  • Plunged back into the dark hole of clinical depression.
  • 2001 — In one of my first experiences of clearly knowing God was telling me to do something, I disobeyed. I was supposed to pray with the clerk behind the counter at a convenience store I was in. I allowed my fear of what others might think prevent me from doing it. Approximately an hour later, the clerk was dead, shot by a man who went on a killing spree in the New Mexican desert.
  • Five years of walking what felt like the valley of the shadow of death as I grieved, searched, and ultimately healed through Christ who strengthened me.
  • 2006 — First heard the whisper that said, “I made you a writer.”
  • 2008 — Attended my first writer’s conference, after two years of asking God how in the world I was supposed to be a writer with no formal education, and no idea of how to get started at my age.
  • Spent a year and a half reading 100 books on writing, practicing while I studied, and celebrating when I met my goal.
  • Sold my first article. Then three more were published.
  • 2010 — Writing was put on hold when one of the most dramatic secrets I ever heard was revealed to me. About my own existence. Found out in October that my dad is not my biological father.
  • Spent a year searching, to no avail, for my birth-father. During this time, I did two radio interviews on the subject, and was contracted as a speaker on circuit for Stonecroft International Ministries.
  • 2011 — Having exhausted all avenues I was aware of at the time, I let go of the search for my father, and picked the writing back up. While praying about who God wanted me to invest my writing talents with, I was miraculously introduced to my agent at WordServe Literary Group.
  • Early 2012, my first book sold.
  • October, 2012. Submitted the final manuscript for my first book. Sent out a book proposal for my agent to shop. And created a timeline for four more projects.
  • Also in October, 2012, through an unusual situation, I contacted the television show, The Locator. I’m now contracted with investigators who may be able to do what I could not. Find my biological father, and potential siblings, along with other unknown family members.
  • Currently — I work while I wait. Only God knows the end from the beginning. But I will move forward as He unfolds my future. And I’ll trust.

The chapters written on the story of my life are why I’m a qualified writer. Not everyone has experienced the drama, the life-education, and the call to write. And though this intimate list doesn’t cover everything I’ve experienced, I hope you can see how these events uniquely shape my ability to share lessons learned.

So now I wonder about you.

Qualified Writer
My Beautiful Sister on her Wedding Day

If you’re supposed to write, what stories qualify you to inspire others?

Anita Agers-Brooks is a Business and Inspirational Coach, Certified Personality Trainer, Productivity Specialist, Certified Team Training Facilitator, Marketing Specialist, national speaker, and author of First Hired, Last Fired — How to Become Irreplaceable in Any Job Market — Summer, 2013.

She’s a member of the Christian Writer’s Guild, client of WordServe Literary Group, graduate of CLASS for Leaders, Speakers, and Authors, a co-founder of The StoryWriting Studio, a co-founding partner of The Zenith Zoneand speaker on circuit for Stonecroft International Ministries.

Anita’s passionate about business with integrity, healthy relationships, and issues of identity. She travels the country teaching others from her personal experiences and research. She believes it’s never too late for a fresh start with fresh faith. Anita lives in Missouri with her husband Ricky.

Follow her FreshFaith blog You may contact her via website or email

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