Kathyrn Graves

Writing Retreat

Getaway. Over the last weekend, I spent a couple of days with two writing friends. We live in three different states, and it had been several years since we were all together. So, we caught up on each others’ lives, sat around on comfy furniture in an amazing home by the shores of Beaver Lake, Arkansas, and brainstormed and wrote while deer played on the lawn.

Productive Results. I came away refreshed. Energized. And exhausted because I stayed up too late at night. I developed (with the help of my friends) a to-do list that will rev up my writing career. We decided on a brand for my writing, which you’ll see at the bottom of this page. I feel like I have a handle on where I’m going and how to get there.

Friendships. These women are the steady constants in my life. They prayed with me through my cancer battle and gently pulled me forward when I meandered and hem-hawed. They are my tech support and soft landing-place. Spending time with them seemed like a slice of heaven.

View from the Deck

I don’t live near many other writers. Hanging out with those who understand my writing compulsion and idiosyncracies is not something I can do very often. And although I have other writing friends in other locales, these women are the ones to whom I am closest.

Writers are Unique. My experience last weekend speaks to the value of spending time with like-minded friends. Those of us who create are a different sort. I do hang out with a couple of artists who are dear friends and live in my city. That’s almost as helpful because they also create. But it boosts my productivity to be with writers. They spur me to keep on writing and submitting. We collaborate and network. And laugh and eat cookies, washed down with chai tea.

Thank you, Karen and Anita, for being my friends. Thank you, Dick and Doris Kelsey, for opening your home and for feeding us. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for speaking so powerfully to us and leading us and creating this triple cord which cannot be broken.

Kathryn Graves  lives “On the Other Side of Comfortable”

Photos/Deer, Karen Jordan/Lake View, Anita Brooks


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