Anita Agers Brooks

A Healthy Recipe for a Delicious Book

A Delicious Book Recipe
A Delicious Book Recipe

Do you ever wonder what makes some books finger-licking good?

Like practicing to create a good recipe, I’m playing around as a writer to find out what ingredients will create the flavors my readers might want to savor. So what goes into a tasty book?

Here’s a list of ingredients I think make a great blend:

  • 2-4 cups intriguing characters
  • 4 cups of related content — Sifted so it stays on point
  • 2 cups setting details
  • 1 cup each: textures, tastes, smells, sounds, and sightings
  • 6 cups dialogue
  • 1 Large problem — packed hard
  • 3 Small heaping problems
  • A dash of mysterious words
  • A pinch of failed attempts
  • 1 Gallon Problems-Solved

Pre-heat reader with an opening hook to draw them into your story or theme. Pour ingredients into computer software and mix well. Whip until intensity froths at the climax. Bake until the end comes out crisp, and the center is clean when you insert edits.

Cool a few days, before cutting with a round of fresh eyes. Edit again as needed.

Serve to potential agents, editors, and publishers while hot.

A Tasty Book Recipe
A Delicious Outcome

Anita Agers-Brooks is a Business Coach, Certified Personality Trainer, Productivity Specialist, Certified Team Training Facilitator, Marketing Specialist, national speaker, and author. She lives in Missouri with her husband Ricky.

She’s passionate about business with integrity, healthy relationships, and issues of identity. She travels the country teaching others from her personal experiences and research. Anita believes it’s never too late for a fresh start with fresh faith.

Follow her FreshFaith blog You may contact her via website or email


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