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Marketing Tips from Rob Eager, Part 2

  1. What is your value?
  2. Who needs your value the most?
  3. Where do those who need your value congregate in large numbers?

The Big 3. These are the three questions Rob Eager, of WildFire Marketing, says are the Big Three. He goes on to say, “After you’ve answered the first question and clarified your value, then you’re ready to move forward and ask, “Who needs my value the most?” You can also turn that question around and ask, ‘Who stands to lose the most if they never get access to my value?'”

Did you ever stop to consider that people might lose something if they never get to read what you write? On days when it seems like we just can’t string a sentence, much less write a few pages, or times when the demands of our schedules seem to preclude writing, we should think about that. This idea will spur us to keep on writing even when we don’t want to or think we can’t. But it will also help us define our target audience.

Rob also says, “If you target the people who need your value the most, then you’re able to create sales momentum at a faster pace for two reasons. First, those who realize that your value is exactly what they need are more likely to purchase quicker with less convincing. Second, when they experience the value that you promise, they are more likely to spread positive word of mouth – which generates even more sales.”

Negative into Positive. Then he drops a bombshell. ” . . . define the negative emotions that people are feeling who can be helped by your product or service. Logic makes people think, but emotion makes them act.” We like to think in positive terms. It might be uncomfortable to consider the negative side of our writing. However, doing so results in a positive spin. My WordPress blog is designed to help people who suffer. The negative emotions they may be feeling are depression, grief, or struggles with pain. I could say that reading my blog will help those who are suffering or grieving to begin the healing process.

Sell Your Book Like Wildfire: The Writer's Guide to Marketing and Publicity

I’ll bring you Rob’s comments on the third question next week. For more information on WildFire Marketing, visit his website at www.startaWildFire.com.


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