Suzan Tripp

Suzan Tripp: Why Do I Write?

Why do I write?

May I be quite honest? The answer is complicated.

As a kid, I loved the great outdoors (we were known for family road trips), and eating hamburgers hot off the grill with my three very adorable and often shirtless little brothers. For a while life was simple, very UNcomplicated.

But then, as they say, “life happened.” I realized a man my family trusted was touching me inappropriately, so I told my parents when I was eleven. My abuser was confronted and stopped. Many aren’t so fortunate.

What I didn’t tell anyone was that I was exposed to pornography belonging to this individual. No one ever talked about the matter again, and I was left to deal with the inner conflict on my own. I was just a kid and my innocence had been ravaged, but God was at work in my life even then.

This is why I write.

Life happened again when I married my high school sweetheart. We were young and in love, and thought we had it all figured out. We couldn’t have been more naïve. Years passed with no pregnancy, and complications multiplied. When the hellish torment of infertility was unleashed on us, it was if someone threw an explosive device into our home and all our children died at once. The pain nearly killed me, but God had a plan even when I couldn’t see it.

This is why I write.

Fast forward a couple of decades. (I welcome invitations to speak and share the whole story.) The Lord did such a miraculous work of grace and healing in our barren lives that we surrendered EVERYTHING to serve Him ANYWHERE in the world.

We didn’t get a fax from God, but we did receive a phone call. So we completed the homes we had under contract to build, sold our home and moved to Belize to serve the abused, abandoned and forlorn, and lift up the Name of Jesus in word and in deed. Oh, how we grew to love the Belizean people! Unfortunately, the horrible abuse of children is a worldwide pandemic. We faced the unthinkable and experienced the unimaginable, but we beheld the mercies of God in spite of the evil.

This is why I write.

After six years the Lord whispered that our work in Belize was done, and amazingly, we landed back in North Carolina. It wasn’t long before I was confounded by the number of women who privately shared their past abortion experiences with me. Confronted with agonizing pain, I grieved with them as I shouldered their secret sorrows. God enlarged my perspective, giving me eyes to see a different kind of barrenness. To my dismay, I discovered America is filled with it.

Pornography. Broken Values.
Abuse. Broken Hearts.
Infertility. Broken Dreams.
Abortion. Broken Lives.

Barrenness comes in many forms, and deceptive destruction surrounds us.
Only God has the remedy, and He has summoned me to share it.

This is why I write, and speak.

Suzan Tripp has been a believer since the age of nine. Through major life upheavals God drew her heart back to His after a season of barrenness. Passionate to share the life-changing truth of the Word of God, she is a champion for the oppressed both at home and abroad. She has served on mission overseas as a children’s advocate and teaching leader with BSFI. A writer and speaker, she currently lives in Raleigh, NC with her family

Twitter: @SuzanTripp
Facebook:  Suzan Tripp

Why do you write?


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6 thoughts on “Suzan Tripp: Why Do I Write?”

  1. Thank you Suzan for sharing your story and your amazing journey with God. You already know how much God has used you in my own personal life and I’m certain that many, many more will be touched and brought into His kingdom as a result of your ministry. I am blessed to know you!


  2. Hi Darla, thank you for commenting, sharing with your friend, and also for taking the plunge to follow God’s leading into writing. Yes, BSFI is for Bible Study Fellowship International, a tool God used to chisel on my heart and change me from the inside out. I pray God will clearly guide you in your writing endeavors and bless you with wisdom as you work to sharpen your skills!


    1. God did the same for me with BSF. I started mid-year (a fairly new believer) during the Israel and the Minor Prophets study and was hooked on a program that could make me excited about those books I had ignored. After 15 years as a student and leader, I stepped down, took the training I received, and used it as the foundation for my teaching and children’s ministry work within my church. I loved my time learning about God through BSF.


  3. Thank you for sharing your life with us, Suzan. I am passing it on to a writer friend who also experienced sexual abuse in her childhood. I write so that God can have another vehicle to tell others about Himself and His good news. Like you, I believe he allowed certain ugly happenings in my life so that they could be used to help others who suffered the same. I am still listening for His direction as to exactly how He wants me to put this into play. In the meantime, I’m working to become a better writer, putting my writing “out there” to get feedback, and hoping that I’m pleasing Him.

    You mention BSFI. Is that Bible Study Fellowship International?


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