Kathyrn Graves

How to Always Write the Right Thing

Last week I wrote about ideas as birds that we need to catch and tame. But how do we know which ideas are worth taming? How do we choose from all the ideas we have whirling in our heads–and hopefully in our ” bright idea” folders? How do we know which ones are God-ideas and which ones we have concocted on our own?

What works best for me is simply to wait. As I wait and ponder my ideas, some will rise to the top of the pile. As I wait, there are some things I do:

1. Pray. Ask the Lord to reveal to you what He wants as your next project. Be diligent and intentional in your prayers. It takes frequent, fervent prayer to begin to discern God’s plan. Make your prayers specific. Bring each idea before the Lord, asking Him what He would have you do about it.

2. Seek counsel from godly friends who also write. Choose one or two writer friends who you know spend time in prayer themselves. Ask them to pray with you over the ideas you think are most promising. Solicit their input about the merit of your ideas.

3. Begin working on one or two. See what happens when you actually start writing. Some will take off almost on their own. Some will drag their wings. This alone is not the test, but along with prayer and godly counsel, can help make the determination.

4. Wait longer. Sometimes none of the ideas we have are the ones God wants us to write. He might need to let those incubate while He engineers circumstances to provide us with new fodder.

As long as we are open to God’s will and honestly seek His direction, we won’t write the wrong thing. We’ll develop the right ideas into the plans He had for them when He sent them to us as flitting birds.


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