Mitzi Beach

A Special Place to Write

Every author needs a special place to write.

There is always a space that can be carved out just for you and your writing. But it will take a “renewing of your mind” to look at your home or apartment with your mind open to seeing . . . and I mean really seeing . . . all the possibilities that you have not considered.

I’m not even going to mention the dining room table, because lots of you are already using it. But what about an inexpensive desk, sofa table or writing table that can fit snugly in a corner of your bedroom, or under the stairs, or in a spare room that is only used occasionally for guests?

Or, what about an old armoire that used to hold your TV? Now that you have a flat screen, what are you using that space for? Even built-in cabinets around fireplaces can be equipped with a pull-out shelf for your writing. And by cleaning out all those unused cabinets full of who knows what, there is room for lots of files or research notes.

No money? I tell my interior design clients to look at estate sales or garage sales for those old tables or writing desks that can be painted to be really hip or charming, depending on your unique style.

After you have your space (and it must be only your space), make it special. How?

  1. No visual clutter. Declutter scraps, notes, whatever is an eyesore, by moving it into pretty boxes or cool files. Keep only what applies to your top writing priority, not everything you might ever write, close at hand. Use a file cabinet in another room, if necessary, for non-immediate notes. That way it is no hassle to pull out what you need when you only have a short time to work.
  2. Leave your writing area ready for when you next return. Organize papers or stacks of files so they’re ready to greet you upon your return with a happy face, rather than a mess that has to be dealt with before you even begin to write.
  3. Make your space pretty or attractive, in keeping with your specific taste. A cool lamp is an absolute must, as no overhead lighting fixture can ever provide enough light. Plus, lamps are the jewelry of a room and you definitely need jewelry to “enlighten” your very special writing space . . . even if it is the dining room table.
  4. Add your favorite scripture in a lovely frame, special pens in a unique holder, or a flowering plant. These are just a few items that convey, “This is indeed my very special writing place because what I write is special.”

So now I am off to take some of my suggestions and get my own writing space decluttered. Hmm, this could take a while . . .

Mitzi’s special writing place

Mitzi Beach is a professional interior designer, writer, and speaker. She specializes in “living with style and grace no matter our stage or age.” Her blog site is

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2 thoughts on “A Special Place to Write”

  1. So sorry Kat that I just saw your comment. I am exactly like you in that I have to have “my space” just right before I can even begin getting my thoughts out.
    And, I change my space if I am getting foggy or just writing words without any impact or relevance.
    Thank you for commenting!


  2. It’s funny you wrote this post. I just read another article in Oprah magazine about having your own writing space. And I have determined, I definitely need my own space in order to focus. I can’t sit at the dining room table because too much is going on around me…(can we say the attention span of a gnat?) Thanks for the great suggestions.


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