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Five Tips For Getting a Publisher to Notice You (by Pam Sims)

Blue ridge mountains
Blue ridge mountains (Photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton)

I just returned from the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, where I attended the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference. I must say that it exceeded all of my expectations.

This was my first “ever” Writer’s Conference. I don’t believe I could have chosen a better one to attend. The speakers were gifted professionals in their field, but extremely approachable. There were several hundred writers in attendance–many who like myself, were just beginning to write, and many have yet to be published. There was so much encouragement, that you left feeling as though you must have wings and could surely fly!

For me the highlight of the conference was getting to have lunch and dinner with many of the speakers  and to gain insight into the world of publishing and writing. I must say that the process has definitely changed. Here are a few things that I learned that you may or may not be aware of.

  1. You must be involved in the social media network. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Blogging were among the most important social networks mentioned and publishers want to know are you connecting to your audience. I would add Pintrist as well.  They will want to see your site stats! (YIKES, better get busy building my “tribe.” Like me, and I will like you–it’s all about the numbers.)
  2. Have a platform. What is it you are writing about and why? Social media will help you get your message to a larger audience, but you have to have a platform that will attract your audience and keep them coming back.
  3. Write, write and then rewrite. Perfecting your work with each rewrite.
  4. Have a knock-out punch with your proposal. You first line has to be the greatest hook they have ever read, or you just won’t make it past the first glance,
  5. Have someone edit your proposal. They will see things you can’t see. They can look at it from the eye of the reader not the writer.

This is just a tip of the iceberg on information. My brain is on information overload, and I have not even begun to scratch the surface.

Oh, did I mention the people I met? They will be friends for a lifetime. God truly opened doors for divine appointments, and it was just plain FUN!

Pam  Sims
Writer, Speaker and Singer
@PamSimsWrites (Twitter)

What writers’ conferences would you recommend? Why?


3 thoughts on “Five Tips For Getting a Publisher to Notice You (by Pam Sims)”

  1. Ah, the Blue Ridge! One of my favorite places in the world. Having lived over a decade in North Carolina, it holds a special place in my heart as a writer. I swear, you can’t throw a chicken in North Carolina without hitting a writer! SOUTHERN FRIED WOMEN was born on the backroads and in the crossroad towns of the Blue Ridge and the Piedmont. It’s where I worked so diligently on one novel after another. This conference, as well as the many others offered by the North Carolina Writers’ Network, are well worth the effort and money spent to get there. I credit them for any success I might have as an author and thank God every day for the support they gave so freely. Writers must seek out the better conferences and go! You owe that much to your career and as the industry changes, what better way to network and keep ahead of the curve than to treat yourself to a reputable writing conference. Especially one in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thanks, Pam Sims, for sharing.


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