Anita Agers Brooks

If God is Behind You — You Won’t Get Behind

I penned the following while on a private writer’s retreat in September, 2009.


Soft mist brushed my skin, and left a gentle film behind. A slow breeze shimmied against the green leaves of late summer and they whispered in response. Fingers of fog reached down from an overcast sky to touch the mountains below. The Shenandoah River skipped over boulders and giggled as it ran downstream. I explored the valleys, the back roads, and once again discovered the voice of Christ. He spoke to me on this day.

Now I sit in the reading room of the beautiful Blue Mountain Retreat Center in Knoxville, Maryland. I’m tucked in the woods, yet only three miles from a mass of civilization. The view is spectacular; the inspiration makes me choose words carefully. I am not worthy of such joy. I can see it all. God’s blessings stun me.

It is peaceful here. I am alone. I am still and I know He is God. Earlier today I passed a church whose sign read, “If God is behind you, you won’t get behind.”

I needed those words desperately. So often I feel like a hamster on a wheel; the faster I run trying to catch up, the harder it seems to get off the wheel.

Today, He reminded me that if He is for me I cannot fail. No weapon forged against me will prosper. It wasn’t just His words, it was also His landscape. When I look at the magnificence of our Indescribable Creator, I am reminded that He is all-powerful. Too often, I forget that when I’m faced with a scary situation.


Writing sometimes feels scary. Am I doing it right? Will I ever succeed? Can I get published? How do I get an agent or publisher’s attention? Can I make my deadline?

That’s why writer’s retreats are so valuable. They provide quiet opportunities, natural inspiration, and a place to breathe and catch up. There’s something about getting away to help you get in touch with God’s power. He takes the scare out of writing, making sure you won’t get behind.

Where do you go for energy and inspiration?


Anita Agers-Brooks is a Business Coach, Certified Personality Trainer, Communications Specialist, national speaker, and author. She lives in Missouri with her family.

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