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Where to Find Funny Quotes

Quotes we can use in our writing often come from strange sources, and offer even stranger perspectives.

Recently, I was sitting in a Wilderness and Remote Area First Aid Training class, and I’m not kidding, one of the participants made this statement. “The problems with ticks — there’s just not enough of them to make a sandwich.”

After the initial yucky sensation washed off of me, I started laughing. And then I couldn’t stop. I belly-laughed for a good two minutes, and then, I snickered off and on for another twenty or so.

The great thing about humor is its ability to make us forget our problems, focus on something positive, look at a situation from an entirely different perspective, and it heals us from the inside out. But as writers, we can struggle with how to put humor in our projects.

So here’s a few tips from someone who isn’t a naturally funny writer. These are some of my favorite haunts to find funny quotes:

1) When in an unnatural environment, keep your ears open. I often get some of my best material when exposed to unusual situations, like my Wilderness First Aid class.

2) Be willing to beg, borrow, and steal. As soon as I could speak without fits of laughter, I immediately asked the guy who’d said the tick sandwich quote if I could use it in my writing. Most people are not only willing, but excited to be quoted by a professional writer.

3) Spend some time with kids. If you don’t have a child, borrow one. They have the most amazing ability to look at things differently. I just read a statistic that said most adults will look at a problem and come up with three or four possible solutions. A child will look at the same problem, and imagine an average 165 fix-it scenarios. Glean some of the rich fodder children have to offer.

4) Look at a serious situation and turn it upside down. By looking at opposites, there’s often funny stuff hiding underneath.

5) Watch for funny characters in your everyday wanderings. Sometimes, the funniest things are right beneath your nose.

These are just a few ideas I use to find funny quotes. Find your own, and engage your reader with some humor. It might heal you both.

What do you find funny? Could a quirky perspective help someone struggling with a difficult situation?

Funny Quotes
Dan -- The Author of My Funny Quote

Dan demonstrating something a Wilderness First Aid responder might come across. You can tell this guy was quite the character. I jotted down several quotes from him.

Anita Agers-Brooks is a Business Coach, Certified Personality Trainer, Communications Specialist, national speaker, and author. She lives in Missouri with her family.

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