Karen Jordan

Your Writing Dreams?

Photo/KarenJordan (Arkansas Author Carla Killough McClafferty)

What are your dreams as a writer?


7 thoughts on “Your Writing Dreams?”

  1. Here’s how I share it on my writer’s blog: “One of my dreams is to write a book that attracts a publisher and warms a lot of hearts with the story it tells.” Another dream is that I’d be well known as a writer who encourages others to write to the glory of God. One last dream is to have a novel that is so successful, I can take care of (financially) two ministries that have been on my heart for years. Thanks for letting me dream!


    1. I think it’s healthy to confess them, so we can see them objectively. Sometimes I don’t even know what I think until I write it down. Anyone else experience that phenomenon? I love it when that happens!


  2. First and foremost I want my writing to be a blessing and the feedback I’m getting so far for my memoir indicates that it is. I dream of breaking out of obscurity, having multiple blog followers, and writing more fiction with a message. I don’t have an agent or the best discipline so I guess those are the first steps.


    1. Great to connect with you, Lisa. I so glad you’ve joined us here in the StoryWriting Studio. And I look forward to reading your memoir. Breaking out of obscurity and into the light of an audience can be scary. But come on in; the water’s fine! Blessings!


  3. What are your dreams as a writer? I’m struggling with my own question here. Actually, I’ve had to lay down my own plans and dreams many times as I continue to seek the Lord for direction and a vision for my writing projects. I found that this version of Proverbs 29:18 is so true as I consider my own writing dreams: “When people do not accept divine guidance, they run wild …” (NLT).


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