Ron Benson

Consider the Lazarus Experiment (by Ron Benson)

The StoryWriting Studio thanks Ron Benson for sharing “The Lazarus Experiment.”

… Jesus called in a loud voice, “Lazarus, come out!” (John 11:33 NIV)

The Lazarus Experiment

by Ron Benson 

Everyone needs a do-over.

Resurrection is the ultimate do-over. But Jesus didn’t need to reset his moral compass. He didn’t resolve to do better the second time around–the first time was perfect in every way. Resurrection for Jesus didn’t mean a do-over.

That’s why I tend to relate so much to Lazarus’ walk out of the tomb. Imagine being given a new life. One you didn’t expect. One you never saw coming. One you didn’t earn. All grace. That’s the Lazarus experience.

It’s the experience we share if we have put our trust in Christ. We were dead and now we’re alive. Every single day is a gift of new life. A life we didn’t expect. A life we never saw coming. A life we didn’t earn. All grace. So how do you live that life? I mean – really live it?

The Lazarus Experiment is an adventure in new life. A few years ago the church I serve decided to set aside the forty days between Easter and Ascension Day to live like Lazarus. We did one intentional thing every day for forty days that celebrated new life in Jesus. Instead of giving something up (as in Lent), we added something everyday–something that Lazarus might do on the other side of the pit.

The Lazarus Experiment resulted in a living story, taking its own course as the participants shared their choices and experiences. God used the Facebook group to build friendships, heal wounds, encourage faith, and make distinct differences in people’s lives. I wrote an article about The Lazarus Experiment here.

We’re doing it again, and you’re invited along on the journey. Head over to the Facebook group, The Lazarus Experiment, and join the group. Live like you just woke up to Jesus calling your name. Call it your do-over.

Ron Benson loves life, but often finds himself living as if he were a dead man. He is grateful to a loving family who keeps him awake, and to a church that reminds him how to really live. He writes and pastors from Freeland, Michigan.



“So this Easter,
ask yourself the question: What
would Lazarus—post-dead, second time-around , grace-empowered Lazarus—What Would Lazarus Do? And then do it” (Ron Benson).

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