Karen Jordan

Easter Tales and Traditions

Easter brings back a lot of memories to me of our family and faith stories and traditions, like coloring Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts, and our Easter Sunday services at church.  So, I wanted to share a few writing prompts with you to help you write some of your own stories.

First, I added the YouTube video (above) because I love how this family recorded their Easter memories online with photos and their favorite Easter song, Gene Autry’s “Here Comes Peter Cottontail.” That song brings back some Easter memories for me, too. I can almost hear my Mother singing it.

I also love this  recollection of Easter morning.

Easter Eggs (by a.k.a. “Tuck Mantooth”)

Easter morning was great. We always had lots of eggs hidden in the flowerbeds, up in the trees, in the fence row, and under every odd thing laying in the yard, like my truck and the lawn chair.

Nobody ever wanted to get up. Daddy sometimes would tell me to go back to bed‑‑that the Easter bunny hadn’t come yet. I always wondered how he knew that.

One Easter morning nobody got up. Daddy was gone to work out of town, and Mama, my brothers, and my sister were still in bed. It was too late to be in bed on Easter!

I couldn’t find any eggs in the yard–something was wrong! My big brother was asleep, and I asked him where the eggs were. He told me to “grow up.”

I was too young to grow up, and I wanted to hunt eggs. Growin’ up was never harder than that Easter morn. But I knew that a rabbit couldn’t lay eggs–not up in a tree anyway. 

Here’s another great Easter writing prompt that I found on LegacyStories.org to help you remember some of your own Easter traditions.

Egg Hunter“Easter is a time of reflection and gratitude. Rich family traditions have been passed down through the generations that may include church services, special people to visit, egg hunts, dinner, attire, etc. Describe Easter traditions that have been passed down to you or that you have created!” (LegacyStories.org)


How will you celebrate Easter this year?


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